How should I measure things like oats or couscous?

  • I've always been a bit confused on that one.  Do you judge the palm size before or after cooking?


  • Personally, I measure after cooking -especially things like couscous - a fist size of couscous will serve a few people. I think it's better to measure the cooked food.


  • I measure it after cooking, too.  Some grains (esp. millet) seem to expand way more than others.

  • Thanks guys!  That's how I have been doing it.  Glad to know it was the correct way.

  • I use 1/3 cup oats dry

    and cooked riced, beans, barely, couscous (except I dont eat that) and sweet pots about 1/2 cup 9about the size of my palm scooped, but not heaped.