advice: how many protein shakes??

  • I'm new and looking for advice from some experienced peeps.

    I'm using the eating for Life book to create our menu plan for our first week. I wanted to know are the shakes required? Also, how many? Does it need to be two a day? More or less?

    Any advice on using the Eating for Life cookbook, things to be careful of?



    <3 Jacque Dee

  • I have one protein shake a day after my workout.  Otherwise it is just regular food for me.  Some folks go for up to three, I like me some "chewing" food too much for that.

    You could do this entirely without any protein shake.  The reason they were put in originally was because the book's author had a vested interest in Myoplex sales...and they are convenient...and they deliver the kind of stuff your body uses well to help build muscles after your workout.  

    Congrats and welcome, my best wishes for a happier, healthier and more disciplined you.