sample meal plan for BFL, good or bad?? suggestions????

  • meal 1. 5 egg whites, i cup mixed fruit

    meal 2. 2 boiled eggs, 1 orange

    meal 3. tuna sandwhich, 1 banana, 1 cup cottage cheese,

    meal 4. protein shake

    meal 5. chicken ***, 1 cup steamed broccoli, 1 cup steamed brown rice

    meal 6. protein shake

    this is a sample i got off of the website just wondering if this is good to trim fat and gain muscle

  • i am really trying to lose my stomach but this seems like alot of food. any suggestions

  • Joey,  

    Meal 1  Looks good

    Meal 2 Is that a big enough protein portion for you?

    Meal 3  Heavy on the protein here with both cottage cheese and tuna

    Meal 4  

    Meal 5  Looks good

    Meal 6  Fine probably, but some think that a slower digesting protein might be better here.

    You have fruit three times, can you replace one of them with a veggie so that you have two portions a day?

    Also when is your workout?  If in the morning, see if you can shift a protein shake to after the workout.  If you workout in the evening, then the protein shake listed as your meal six might just be fine.

  • i work swing shifts so illl either work out at 10am or 3pm. meal 2. do you think i should include a shake? im just trying to figure out what to eat and when to eat it.

    9am wake up 5 egg whites and fruit.

    10 am workout

    11 am protein shake

    1pm 2 boiled eggs and a shake

    4pm. cottage cheese and broccoli

    7 pm chicken, 1 cup rice, broccoli

    9pm shake or slower digesive protein

    critiques please

  • Ok now your 1pm meal is protein heavy, I don't know what specific protein shake you are using, check to see if there are enough carbs for ya there.  Here's what mine might look like on your schedule.

    9am wake up 5 egg whites and fresh fruit (apple, orange, or mixed berries)

    10 am workout

    11 am Protein shake

    1 pm 2 (or more) boiled eggs  I allow myself 1 yolk for every 4 eggs and 1 portion Whole Wheat toast

    4 pm cottage cheese and broccoli ( you can add a carb here like a small sweet potato.)

    7 pm chicken, 1 portion brown rice, brocolli

    9 pm Shake or cottage cheese+yogurt

  • thanks alot james,

    i just confused with the amount of protein and carbs i shuold have for each meal. i weigh 227lbs my protein shake has 18gr protein and 3 crbs per serving. with my bodyweight shuold i be taking in 38 gr of protein per meal?

    i also put up another post "what i need to change" if you can look at that and tell me what u think thanks again