Myoplex lite popsicles?

  • Just curious if anyone has tried freezing the RTD shakes and eating as a popsicle.  I'm trying to get creative!

  • Keribell, it's fun to freeze the shakes for a cool treat! Just be sure to pour the shake into a freezer safe container with extra space that will allow for expansion during freezing. P.S. We wouldn't recommend freezing it then letting it thaw again. It doesn't thaw back to the same consistency. ~ Brooke @EAS

  • The thawing thing is absolutely true, it doesn't quite rethaw to the same consistency,  I have found that by trial and error with the freezer at work(ooops). Why is it so hard to find the Rich Dark chocolate flavor I so loved in the Advantage Myoplex Low Carb product?.

  • Haven't tried the Advantage.  My favorite is the Chocolate Lovers pack in the Myoplex lite, but they are almost impossible to find!  Don't they make it anymore?