Dinner for Meal #6 - is this OK?

  • Hi everyone,

    On days when I do my weight training, I always have a protein shake + apple (or banana) within 30 minutes of being done. Since I workout after work, this is my meal #5 because of timing, then my final meal of the day (#6) is always dinner (around 9 pm).  My question is, does it matter that my last meal before sleeping is my dinner? I'm only asking because I'm noticing so many of you have something like cottage cheese + yogurt, or protein shake + fruit as your 6th and final meal.


  • I have a work schedule that constantly shifts from 1st to 2nd shift, so sometimes my meal #6 is supper as well.  I constantly battle with bedtime munchies, so having dinner after I get home at 9 pm, works well for me, then I'm fuller.

  • I thought that ideally, every meal should be about the same in terms of nutritional content.  So it shouldn't matter if you call it "dinner" or not.  Right?

  • I usually try to have my starchy carbs, like couscous or sweet potato during the day so that those carbs can fuel my day and workout and then stick to more fibrous carbs like salads in the evening, especially before bedtime, but this is me and this is what I strive to do. It's not always the case.  This was a tip that I learned from Jamie Eason's website/program and it works for me.  You might just want to play around with it and see how you feel.

  • ha, I'm the opposite as to how starches make me feel.  They make me 'comfortable' and fuller.  So for lunch, I tend to have salad and fruit.  Then for dinner I like a full plate of meat, starch, and 1/2 the plate is veggies.  I go to bed feeling fuller and satisfied.  

    If I eat potatoes or something like that for lunch, then I want afternoon nap.

    hmm, interesting