Cottage cheese n00b

  • I use cottage cheese instead of butter or sour cream with a mashed potato! Nuke up one red potato, and 1 single serve cottage cheese.....mash it all up! I like to add black pepper and maybe some garlic powder for "protein garlic mashed taters"

  • Oh yeah! I also love to use it in place of mayo when mixing up tuna fish!

  • with yogurt or with fruit for me, but I may have to try those protein pancakes. Do the pancakes count as your protein and carb?

  • I eat cottage cheese various ways:

    On rye crisp crackers with Sugar Free preserves (the crunch help the consistency issue)

    cottage cheese mixed with organic cereal flakes (again crunch factor)

    I mix cottage cheese into oatmeal as the "cream or miK" (sounds weird but it's good.

    I mix cottage cheese with a dannon light and fit yogurt

    cottage cheese mixed with mango, peaches or nectarine and pineapple  

    Cottage cheese with bannas and a sprinkle of brown sugar substitute

    cottage cheese layered with jarred spaghetti squash and marinara sauce (bake accordingly)

    these are my favorites....good luck

  • Hello,  I usually put one of the approved fruits, pineapple, canteloupe, blueberries etc in with my cottage cheese as an added treat and a little more carbs (follow the palm rule still). It helps liven it up some. Some areas may have the cottage cheese with the chives and green onions (garden style its called, Hood dairies used to make this). Hope this helps out.

  • Ok not even kidding. Do you like peanut butter? I hate cottage cheese and love natural peanut butter. One tsp. of PB and the cottage cheese tastes like peanut butter pit filling. LOVE IT.

  • OMG, all these good ideas!!! Didn't know this thread existed!. Someone wrote about protein pancakes last week, I went to try it for 2 days and both times it failed!!!! I couldn't flip the pancakes as they kept breaking up and eventually become almost like scrambled eggs if I wasn't careful although tasted good with sugarless fruit spread. ONLY NOW I AM READING WHAT YOU GUYS ARE DOING..... YOU ARE USING A BLENDER!!!!! This now makes sense. Excited to try again. They taste so good.


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