Cottage cheese n00b

  • I hate cottage cheese. Always have. There is something about the taste + texture I just do not enjoy.

    However, as I've gotten older I have found I can "train" myself to like something, or at least tolerate it. I know cottage cheese is excellent for this program and frankly I'm getting sick of having Greek yogurt or a small protein shake as Meal 6. I need some variety, stat.

    So I'm just looking for input on how other people like to eat cottage cheese so I can find a way that might work for me.

    Thanks everyone!

  • I blend mine in the blender with fat free sugar free yogurt, and add a few frozen berries. I don't blend it till it's liquid, just still it's like sherbet/icecream.

  • I've mixed it with yogurt, not in a blender.  Or pudding.  But you'll still have the texture and pudding isn't really authorized...

    Protein pancakes (or waffles)

    1/2 cup each of: dry oatmeal, cottage cheese, egg whites.  Blend it up with a little vanilla, cinnamon and stevia.  Once it's blended, you would have never guessed what ingredients went into it.  Fry up like you would pancakes or waffle iron.

    I'm not sure if this would make 1 serving for you, or if it seems too big, then reduce to 1/3 cup of each.  I think the texture comes out like whole grain french toast.

    I could eat these every day!

  • Definately protein pancakes; can't even taste it in there.

    I like to mix some with brown rice and franks buffalo sauce and heat in micro.  I then add some chopped cooked chiken and pour it over a bed of lettuce.  The cottage cheese melts and gets kinda stringy like "real" cheese.  It is delicious.

    I also blend it in with my protein shakes sometimes, to make it a thicker consistency, like a milkshake.

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  • I eat mine with some fresh fruit.  Or mix it with yogurt.  Or put it in my oatmeal.  Or top my baked potato with it.   There are a million ways to eat cottage cheese!!!

  • Thanks for the suggestions everyone! One of my Facebook friends said to just pour vodka all over it. Hahaha.

    Protein pancakes FTW. I made a batch this morning and topped them with a couple of frozen thawed strawberries and loved them! That is definitely going to be a breakfast mainstay.

    Last night I got through almost 1/2 cup with some cracked black pepper and carrot sticks for scooping. Wasn't awful but took some effort.

    I'll have to try it in a protein smoothie tomorrow and see how that works. I have a couple of mangoes that need to be used.

    BDMom, I like your brown rice + hot sauce + chicken on lettuce method. I will have to try that out.

    Guess the next couple of weeks are going to be trial and error: Trying different brands, different methods, etc.

    Keep the suggestions coming!

  • Cottage cheese is a blank canvas. I love it. My primary modification to it is fresh to add chunks of pineapple and hit it with some chipotle flavored Tabasco. You get the sweet from the pineapple and the smokey flavor and heat from the Tabasco.

  • Before BFL, I used to gag at cottage cheese and swore that I could never like it! However, I  now love it and eat it everyday! I always sweeten mine with a bit of Stevia and add some fruit. I also have added unsweetened cocoa and Stevia and top it with strawberries and slivered almonds....YUM!!!! I also make batches of protein pancakes and have blended in it smoothies....I really like the texture it gives. Oh, another thing I have done is mixed 1/4 c. canned pumpkin, cinammon and stevia and it takes just like pumpkin pie!!

    One thing that I did was convince myself how good it was for my body, and also how convenient it was, so I mentally prepared myself for eating it!

  • I always have mine with a small amount of fruit, sometime pineapple or mandarin oranges . It seems to help the flavor and make it more interesting.

  • I'll definitely have to try some of the fruit and other mix-in ideas. Hopefully there are some ripe pineapples at the store, I LOVE fresh pineapple and even if it doesn't work with the cottage cheese I would definitely be down to have some for a day or two. One of my Facebook friends suggested sunflower seeds and green olives... anyone tried anything like that?

    I made another batch of protein pancakes this morning because I just wasn't in an experimentation mood. Added a few frozen blueberries to the batter. Delicious!

    Today I also mixed a bit into a Chipotle Bowl with no rice, black beans, carnitas, pico and lettuce. It really gave the dish a nice tart, creamy aspect. I may start pairing this with Mexican dishes instead of queso or sour cream.

    I have noticed since Monday that my soreness has significantly decreased. Could it be the high concentrate of glutamine in the cottage cheese?

  • Great question. I actually can't stand cottage cheese (by itself) but have found when it is blended the taste and texture totally changes. I bought a Magic Bullet years ago and use it just about every day. I'll mix my cc with fruit or flavoured yogurt or sometimes I'll spread it on a yam and sprinkle it with pepper. The absolute best is protein pancakes. The simple recipe that I have used for years is 1 cup cc.....1cup oatmeal.....1 cup egg whites (with one whole egg)....and flax seed. This recipe makes 2 large pancakes and taste delicious. You can add some fruit for added flavour if you like. Hope this helps.

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  • Went to the store today and bought a fresh pineapple (on sale for $1.99! Woot!), blackberries, green olives, sunflower seeds, and a tub of Horizon Organic Low-Fat Cottage Cheese. I'm almost done with my little tub of Nancy's Organic. Figure it's worth trying different brands. I'm usually pretty good at figuring out flavor aspects and my husband is a pro at it. So hopefully we can figure out what works and what doesn't. Unfortunately he can't be a taste-tester since he's extremely allergic to cow dairy. Boo.

    I LOVE the protein pancakes. I am a pancake addict so this is a saving grace. Now if only the tempeh bacon I buy could taste more like real bacon (and no, turkey bacon doesn't count).

    Has anyone tried cottage cheese in a protein muffin batter? I imagine something similar to the pancakes: cottage cheese, oats, maybe 2 Tbsp of whole wheat flour, baking powder, a little Stevia or honey, and off you go. I may have to give this a try tomorrow morning. I love blueberry muffins and miss them dearly. Even if they came out more like cakes or scones, I would happily eat them.

    Speaking of muffins I just combined ground turkey with spices and herbs and I'm baking mini loaves in a muffin tin. Excited to see the results!

  • oh my, I should 'favorite' this thread, (now that the Search feature has been taken away from the forums, )so many ways to eat cc!!!!

    I would be very interested in hearing how those blueberry muffins come out.  I know baking is like chemistry, with the exact amounts for baking powder, salt, etc.

  • I'll post an update in the morning of how they turn out! I'm hoping that I can do a straight 1:1 swap of the milk and oil quantities. I'm not a measurement-centric baker, I usually go by consistency of the batter. I think because the climate here is so arid, what looks like a super wet batter out here typically means it will bake up perfectly. I found out I have to cut flour by almost 25% and baking powder and soda by about 50%. It's crazy.

    If it fails: Pancakes.

  • OMG i love cottage cheese! NOT chunky though, in SOuth Africa we have fat free SMOOTH cottage cheese.

    you mix 375 grams (1 and a half tubs) with 1 scoop chocolate protein powder, add about 1/4 cup water or milk to smooth out, 1 1 big tablespoon crunchy peanut butter, maybe a dash more liquid, add some stevia or honey.

    Spoon into 2 small bowls and BOOM!

    its like heaven on earth!!!