• I'm ashamed to say I'm having trouble meeting the water requirements. In my first week, I tried very hard to drink 10 glasses of water a day... I was going to the bathroom all the time until my husband pointed out that our water glasses at home are larger than normal and I was drinking the equivalent of 15 8-oz glasses. Since then, I've slacked on my water consumption.

    How critical is it to drink that much water?

  • It is pretty important to consume the proper amount of water every day no matter what your diet and exercise routine is.

    Do your best and consume as much as you can.

    Work your way up if you have to.

  • You were actually drinking about the right amounts. 15 glasses of water is about 120 oz...which is close to the 128 ounces (1 gallon) that "fitness" folks seem to aim for.. Keep drinking the water..it helps flush out fat and toxins from your body...

  • You should aim to drink at least half of your weight in ounces (EX:120#'s = 60 oz water per day).  It will help you from feeling so hungry and keep you hydrated.  Six to eight 8-oz glasses per day works well for most people.  

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  • Thanks everyone for the advice. I'm surprised to hear that the "fitness" folks are drinking 128 oz a day! I'm pushing to drink more and get it back to the level I was doing the first week.

    One more set of questions. How much do other drinks count? The only things I drink are green tea (which I figure is the same as water since it tends to have light caffeine) and skim milk. Would milk count towards any of my water needs? Or is it just a carb? (also, how much milk equals a serving?)

  • Proper hydration to make up for loss and to flush the body's system is essential to success in the program.  Try drinking it with just before the meals and a smaller amount in between and of course during workout drink as needed, (not the sports drinks though, water instead).

  • Water is like 'gold". Keeping yourself well hydrated has so many benefits it would take pages to write them all. What has worked well for me is at each meal I drink 16oz of water. Your muscles and your skin (your entire body) will thank you.

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  • I personally wouldn't consider any drink to be a substitute for water. I've heard some people use a glass of skim milk as their 6th meal if they don't like cottage cheese. Otherwise, yes water is crucial. Good for skin, bone, hair, connective tissue, digestion, and everything else.

    There is a personal trainer at my gym who drinks three gallons of water a day. I can't even wrap my head around it. So one gallon feels like nothing compared to that.

    With liquid servings, you should usually base everything on 8 ounces (1 cup). So even though people talk about "a glass of water" or "a cup of coffee" or whatever, try to break that out into how many 8oz portions it actually is. For example, I use a lot of 16oz glasses in my house. So what I call "one glass" is actually two cups of water. If I drink five of those a day then I'm good to go, though I usually drink about 7 or 8 a day (I live in Colorado at 4950 feet: It's very dry out here, and the altitude dehydrates you faster than at sea level).

    The peeing all the time is just one of those things. It used to drive me crazy but now I appreciate having an excuse to get up from my desk at work and walk around. Also, the longer you keep it up the easier it becomes. I HATED water before I started the challenge. Now, I take a gallon jug with me wherever I go: To the store, to restaurants, to the gym, to friends' houses; I even keep one next to my side of the bed in case I wake up in the middle of the night and decide I need a few chugs. I can't believe I spent the first 28 years of my life essentially in a constant state of dehydration! What a difference it makes.

  • Does coffee or tea count toward our water intake (I drink decaf for both)?

  • I drank the recommended amount of water (gallon) for two weeks, and I HATED it.  It was an exercise of pure will to chug that water, and I felt like I was having to hit an entirely different kind of 10 with every sip.  It was honestly harder than my exercise.  I was up every hour at night to pee, so I was sleeping poorly. And peeing every 20 minutes during waking hours to be pretty disruptive to my day, and it made trips out of my house impossible with a child in tow. I also do not find my appetite suppressed by drinking water, it just nauseates me for about 10 minutes and then I am hungry again.  Forget that, I drink when I am thirsty, and never juice or pop.  I now drink around two liters a day (65ish oz) on top of tea/supplement shakes and I am sure when the weather heats up, I will get thirstier and adjust naturally.  Just my two cents :)

  • I don't know how much water I drink a day. One day, I'll take count. I drink it constantly. Yeah, going to the restroom every twenty minutes can be a real pain, but the hydration of the water makes it worth it to me.

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  • Everyone's experience with water is different. For me, after about the first 2 weeks of working hard at being faithful to the water, everything just seemed to fall into place and now I can't imagine drinking much else. I do have an occasional juice or a beer on the weekend, but for the most part, water and the shakes are all that's going in. One thing that helped me early on was to get a Tervis Tumbler. The see though bottle made it easy for me to glance over at it and that triggered my brain to want to reach for it.  It also was a great marker for when I saw it empty ... enthusing me to go fill it up and go again. I use the 24 oz bottle, so 4 to 5 a day and it's all good. For those having trouble downing the water, try just sipping it to start off with ... don't guzzle. As you become more accustomed to taking it in, it'll become easier to drink. Oh, and try it at room temp. I've got 3 filtered water containers around the house and at the office. Each time I go to fill up the tumbler, I refill the pitcher so it's always ready for me. Good luck all!

  • I read an amazing book called "The body's many cries for water."  It stated - that if you feel thirsty - you are already dehydrated.  I think chugging water is difficult - I don't drink it iced - it makes it harder to drink for me. I have never drunk water more than a glass a day before I started this challenge.

    If you just take a few sips every time you pass your water bottle, and also drink a small "coffee cup size" before your meal, and one after - you will consume a lot of water.  Since the body is approximatley 80  percent+ water - (blood is 83% water) you can see why we need it.  The BFL book said our muscles are 70 percent water.  Sooooo....I decided to force the water down. I'm beginning to get used to it.  Hang in there - don't give up...Have a Super Tuesday!


  • I subscribe to the Bill Phillips philosophy of water, "I'll chug a bottle of water like a freshman chugging a beer!"  I keep a 32 oz Nalgene bottle with me all the time.  I'll usually chug a quarter to a half of it at a time.  I make it through at least 4 a day, usually 5, and occasionally 6.  I try to tone down the water consumption by about 7 pm, so I don't have to get up all night.