Diet Mountain Dew???

  • I have a new found love for diet Mountain Dews and while I'm sure they will not be approved because of the caffenine they contain I was wondering if all diet drinks were not allowed during the regular part of the week. I like diet cokes, diet sprite and diet green tea also.

  • Kanda,

    If you love Mountain Dew and other "non calorie" drinks, then drink up. If they keep you from eating high caloric, high glycemic snacks, feel free to indulge despite the caffeine. I love to drink Diet Pepsi and coffee and they often satisfy me and keep me from eating unhealthy snacks.

    As far as dehydrating you, caffeine does strip the body of water, but when you drink a cup of coffee you are drinking water. When you drink Mountain Dew, you are drinking water. If you are at all concerned about dehydration, drink enough water to offset the potential dehydration caused by the caffeine.

    Caffeine is actually recommended by many body builders as a supplement to be taken roughly an hour or less prior to lifting. I often make a cup of coffee and head to the gym with it. It may sound strange, but I drink the coffee as I'm working out. I have noticed an increase in energy and I am able to get a better workout in when I'm drinking caffeine.

    As far as cardio, I may drink some coffee prior to going to the gym, but water is my choice of drink once I'm there.

    I hope this helps.

    John Chisholm

    2011 Body-for-LIFE

    Grand Master Champion

  • Thank you for help. I appreciate your answer and am glad to hear that I do not have to give up everything I enjoy throughout the week :)

  • Here is a good article to consider:

    To Help Your Weight Loss, Take Care of Your Thyroid

    If you want to give a boost to your weight loss, you must watch your thyroid. I did not, for years I failed to pay attention to what I was doing to it. When I was doing my research, I discovered I was abusing my thyroid to no end. Of all the changes I made, perhaps the ones with the greatest impact were the changes I made for the benefit of my thyroid. Your thyroid gland controls your cellular metabolism for your body. Have a thyroid with low output, your daily caloric output is low, you gain weight easy, have a high output, you gain wait slowly, and a very high output can make it so you cannot gain weight to save your life. Scientists liken it to the body's thermostat, but gas-pedal seems to be a more accurate analogy.

    The first discovery I came across was the connection of aspartame to thyroid function, or I should say non-function. Yes, the artificial sweetener aspartame has been shown to negatively impact the production of the T3 hormone, the hormone that sets cellular metabolism. Aspartame is found in virtually all diet sodas and in many diet foods. This sucked for me, because I considered diet sodas like my last vice I could have, and now I found out drinking them was compromising my weight loss efforts. Nonetheless, I decided to experiment on myself. Drinking Splenda-based sodas and increasing water consumption, I eliminated aspartame from my diet. I credit many things for my success, but in reality, it was almost three days after I stopped taking aspartame that I began to drop serious poundage.

    Of course aspartame was not the only problem with my thyroid. Your thyroid needs two primary components to produce the T3 hormone; iodine and tyrosine. Iodine is an element, poisonous in its pure form, obtained mostly from seafood. I am not a big seafood fan, actually I hate seafood. Neither do I use salt, so I was not getting any iodized salt. Among my research, I also found out that old school body builders used kelp tablets, thyroid extract, and olive leaves to manage fat while they ate to gain muscle mass. Kelp supplies the iodine, while the thyroid extract and olive leaves are reported to boost thyroid output. So I added those supplements to my diet, and tyrosine as well (at the same time I quit aspartame). Tyrosine is an amino acid, chicken breasts contain huge amounts of tyrosine. Doctors in conventional medicine seem mock anything that does not pad the coffers of pharmaceutical companies, so most will tell you these substances will have no effect at all. My personal experience proves this is wrong. Using well known formulas for metabolism (I will elaborate on those later) along with calculations calories burnt from my training, the absolute best case, if I were 100% faithful to my plan - and I was not - I could only lose 3 pounds per week. If I cheated, I would only at best lose 2 pounds per week. I cheated on my plan and I still lost 6, and sustained that loss for six weeks. I find it impossible that I could lose that much per week, feel great, without those supplements having some contribution.

    Here is link to the whole page

    It is not from a expert, just someone who had great success in a DIY style.

    “"Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out..." - Robert J. Collier”

  • I don't like to use fake chemical sweeteners so when i buy soda I get Zevia, a brand that uses stevia for its sweetener.  Zevia comes in many flavors, and one is similar to Mountain dew.  Zevia is more expensive, but when you compare the ingredients list, I just feel so much better knowing I'm putting more natural components in my body.

  • Thank you Bryan and OptiGirl.. I will look for the Zevia drinks to replace my diet Mountain Dew. To Bryan do you know how much aspertame will cause the results in lowering the function of the T3 hormone?

  • Diet sodas are bad for you.

    Do you want to get healthy or not?

    Have 1 or maybe 2 on your cheat day but other then that, water water water.

  • I cannot find an exact amount that lowers Thyroid function. The European Commission's Scientific Committee on Food has determined the acceptable daily intake is 40 mg/kg of body weight for aspartame, while FDA has set its ADI for aspartame at 50 mg/kg. Those values mean "safe for human consumption" but that does not mean it is healthy.  Twelve fluid ounces of Diet Mountain Dew contains 85mg of Aspartame and 55mg of caffeine.

    “"Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out..." - Robert J. Collier”

  • I have been reading a lot on fake sugars and have decided to cut soda out of my diet except on free day. I have noticed that its SO much easier to stick to the diet because my insulin levels are not being boosted by the fake sugars. Not having these insulin spikes really makes it a lot easier to stick to clean eating.

    With that said, I have previously done this diet, totally unwise to the fake sugar problems and drank soda throughout with great results. (disclaimer: I was 10 years younger. When they say that it gets harder as you get older they are not joking). At the end of the day, if having a diet soda prevents you from eating that slice of chocolate cake, I say let er' rip. Drink your soda, have another glass or two of water and get back to work on easing sugar out of your diet. :-)

  • If you're drinking soda I would recommend taking additional Calcium, as the carbonation can deplete calcium from your bones. I have heard this from many different medical sources, and it's all over the the interwebs. I have also heard that carbonation can help inhibit the ability for your muscles to adequately utilize oxygen and if you are weight training, it isn't traditionally recommended. However, this is just hearsay on my part and I can't find any good articles or personal experience to back it up.

    But there is also this to consider:

    I think ultimately it's up to you about whether or not you want to continue to drink Diet Mountain Dew. I have had a hard time cutting some things out of my diet and sometimes you just gotta compromise. It is what it is.

  • This site has some good info about all kinds of artificial sweeteners and their affect on insulin.  (doesn't discuss thyroid)

    The fewer sugar and processed carbs, the better for our bodies -- but I agree that if a diet soda will prevent you from ruining your eating plan, then go for it.  We need to make changes a bit at a time;  if we try to change EVERYthing at once, we can feel deprived and sabotage ourselves.  Cut down on them, whenever possible, and perhaps you can eliminate them during your next challenge if that's one of your goals.

    "I may not be there yet, but I'm closer than I was yesterday..."