Best sweet potato recipe

  • I just discovered an amazing way to cook delicious, savory sweet potatoes for those of you who either don't like them baked in the skin (like me) or just want something different.

    Heat oven to 400 degrees

    Mix together:

    1/8c olive oil
    2 tsp chopped fresh garlic
    1/2 tsp red pepper flakes
    4 Tbsp thyme (fresh or in a shaker)

    Peel 4 large sweet potatoes and cut into rounds 1" thick. Toss the rounds in the olive oil mixture to coat evenly, then place on a baking sheet. Bake for 35-40 minutes or until tender. The bottoms will be black, they are not burned, the sugars have simply caramelized. You can eat these hot or at room temperature and they are also amazing left over the next day in a hash or zapped in the microwave.


  • Those sound delish!!!!


  • Hmmm, I'll have to try this.

  • Made this tonight, it was yummy!  I think I under seasoned it though.

  • I've made these about four times...I have young children who do not like spicy foods, so I leave out the red pepper flakes and add salt and pepper...They are very yummy...sometimes I have a problem with them not caramelizing...not sure...but when they do caramelize they are so addictive!!

  • Mom of Four, so glad you and your kiddos like it! I wish my mom had fed me this kind of stuff growing up... maybe it wouldn't have taken me almost 30 years to love sweet potatoes. ;)

    Do you do ANYthing different the times they don't caramelize? Different pan, something else in the oven, different type of sweet potato? Those could all affect the cooking. You could also try increasing your oven temp to 450 and see if that does the trick; I am beginning to think that my oven runs a little hot.

  • Mw, Im trying it with yukon gold potatoes tonight. A guy from work brought me a ton from his garden.

  • Interesting... let me know how it works with non sweet potatoes! You should probably flip the Yukon Golds halfway through since there isn't enough sugars in regular potatoes to create caramelization and they may just get outright burned.

  • True. Ok, Will do.

  • One time i think I used too much olive oil, second time decreased olive oil and had great results!!!  I think the last time I had my oven temp too low...but all the same pan!  I do something similar with regular potatoes...olive oil and lemon pepper!!!  And i do turn them several times during baking...i bake them @ 350 for about an kids and husband love them!!  Also I cut them a little less than 1/2 inch!

  • Try putting the oven rack lower when you cook the potatoes. It will be hotter on the bottom

  • I used the Hasselbeck style of cutting with sweet potatoes and just brushed them with a bit of olive oil, salt & pepper and they were delish.

  • i really like this idea, but i would like to know what would a serving be? 1/2 or 1 cup, fairly new to this and serving sizes always puzzle me.