Still need a meal plan pleeaseeeeee :(

  • Been tryin to follow the book but it seemed like too much food and I have digestive problems and gas. Couldn't sleep in 3 days took a rest day yesterday and today. This program wow only workout for a short time but sure is it hard. This by far is THEE hardest thing I have evert done in my life. But it feels good to finally yet rest after being so burdened and finally keep looking forward. Can anyone come up with a simple meal plan? Clean and light on my digestive tract so I get my body mind and health back and ripped and grow at the same time. The workouts are the easy part for me. Just have to work on my diet because of my gas and digestive condition tho I need help. Pleeaseeee?? I been working myself to the bone. Almost too hard and I don't wanna end up killing myself. I just wana get better and Change my mind body and life.

  • Have you narrowed down the foods that are giving you issues?  I have IBS and have to be careful with the foods I eat as well.  If you want to take a look at my menus, you can go to and friend me, my user name is schmertnat.  You can also list your meals on here, and I am sure some others can give you some substitution ideas.  Best wishes!

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  • I think it will be hard for anyone to suggest a meal plan for you based on what you are describing?  If you are having digestive problems, it sounds like something you are eating MAY be causing it, but I don't think anyone could say for sure.

    What foods are you currently eating?  Some people have a hard time with grains?  Some people can't handle dairy...there are just a lot of factors here.

    Don't give up though, but it sounds like you have to do some trial and error to get it sorted.

  • BD mom can you post it on here i don't feel like signing up. i am working myself to the bone almost too hard and wearing thin. please i need a lot of help to get thru this and only thru all of You can I complete this

  • yea it's so hard to pinpoint what it is since every body is so different but i been eating a lot of eggs protein turkey and stuff apples. mostly clean stuff.  i was trying to get 3 glasses of milk and oj a day tho cus thats what it says in arnold schwarzeneggers encyclopedia of bodybuilding book and i need to put on like clean weight and meat but i dunno. like you said it is very hard and mostly trial and error. but i am doing my best :). maybe i should just try to follow the BFL meal plan one day since i been following the workouts almost to a t so i can feel that burn ;)

  • I think it would be helpful if you could post a typical day's worth of meals. That way we could see what you have been eating and give advice if needed. My Fitness Pal is a wonderful tool and's FREE and easy to sign up and navigate. It only takes a few minutes each day, especially once you put your typical foods in there. Just a tip....I would try to stay away from OJ. Fruit juices are not an approved food and have lots of sugar and calories. How about trying an orange instead? Also, I would suggest that you follow the BFL meal plan for best results, especially if this is your first challenge. The nutrition plan and the fitness plan go hand in hand. Also, what are your goals? Are you trying to lose weight, gain muscle, etc??

    I suffer from some digestive problems, but I feel it is mainly b/c I eat so clean. I have been to several doctors and they come up with nothing.  I think anytime you eat lots of fruits, veggies, legumes and whole grains that it will effect your stomach a lot more than if you are eating unclean. For me it is a trade off. I would rather have a little stomach discomfort and know that I am eating healthy and clean than all the other problems that come with eating unclean and living an unhealthy lifestyle. Remember, nutrition is about 80% of the puzzle, with the other 10% being your workouts and 10% being genetics.

    Good luck!!

  • Drake:

    I feel your pain, but I think if you are too busy to go to myfitnesspal, then at least carry a diary around with you and write down everything you eat and what times you are having issues.  I know I mentioned you could go on there to see my menus, but it is a "free" website where you can list your meals everyday, and they have a food database that will help you with that.  You need to pinpoint what it is that is giving you issues and then try to find alternatives.  Many people are intolerant to milk products, and you say you are drinking a lot of milk.  A lot of people have issues with gluten; that could be a problem.  And, for some people, who have had a poor diet most of their lives, just starting to eat clean foods, with the addition of all the fiber and good fats can cause some distress (this is usually temporary and will improve the longer you are on a clean diet).  I'm not saying that you have had poor eating habits....just guessing at this point.  As for me, I stay away from most milk products.  I will eat greek yogurt, and some fat-free cottage cheese, but I drink almond milk, and sometimes soy milk.  I limit my whole wheat grains, and don't eat spicy, fatty foods, and stay away from caffeine.  I do eat chicken, buffalo and fish, and eat a lot of eggs.  I also eat lots of veggies, and some fruit.

    Also, Stress is a trigger for a lot of issues, including you need to find ways to de-stress!!

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Wow bdmom. your pics look great ;) i wana be that lean. how can i do so? whats a typical working out eating day for you?

  • I agree with BDMom and ParsonBrown, it would be easier if you can isolate exactly what gives you digestive problems. How big of a departure is this diet from what you were eating prior to the Challenge? Part of it may be that your body is "detoxing" from fats, sugar and simple carbs. It happens to a lot of people. Also, what types of ingredients are in the foods you are eating? Try to make as many from-scratch meals as possible without added corn syrup, arficial sweeteners, preservatives, refined grains or other unknowns. It sounds like your problems with might indicative of a bigger health issue that needs to be addressed. Maybe consider seeing a naturopath or get a food allergy test to find out what allergies or intolerances you might have?

    Also maybe try replacing the milk and OJ with water for the time being. Dairy products and acidic foods can upset your digestive system further.

  • it varies everyday. i try to plan using the progress reports but i never follow thru because it seems like too much food which i know i need tho. but also i have a lot a gas and pressure and discomfort so its hard to balance all those things out.  mostly eggs yogurt bananas healthy stuff on my on days.  Tomorrow I'm gonna go for a nice run OUTSIDE since i missed last 2days and eat Godly. Usually i just go off my own instinct of what my body needs but i dunno about that anymore

  • Just thought I would share a typical nutritional day that I follow and has worked quite well for me.

    7am- protien pancakes and water (also a large coffee)

    9:30am- 1 cup low fat cot. cheese with fruit and water

    12noon- chicken breast and yam and veggies and water

    2:30pm- protein bar and water

    3:30pm- Workout

    5pm- protein shake and banana and water

    7:30pm- ground turkey burger on a whole wheat bun and water

    10pm- bedtime.

    fit4life "The dream must be bigger than the pain"

  • Drake:  Yes, Fit4life's menu is probably better suited to you, since you are a male.  Also, he has had great success, and looks Awesome!!!

    For grins, here is what a typical day looks like for me:

    Meal 1:  3 egg whites with salsa, plain oatmeal with truvia, pb2, chia seeds and blueberries

    Meal 2:  Protein pancake with truvia

    Meal 3:  Chobani yogurt with nuts (walnuts, pecans, varies)

    Meal 4:  Protein powder with almond milk/water mix (after workout)

    Meal 5:  Grilled chicken breast, yam & broccoli

    Meal 6:  Turkey/buffalo meatloaf, huge salad with lite balsamic vin. dressing & fat-free feta cheese

    Meal 7:  I sometimes have a protein shake before bed (depending on whether I have met my cals for the day or not).

    I space my meals out every 2-3 hours.

    I leaned out a lot during my first challenge; almost too much.  People were telling me I was too skinny. I have been working, over the past year, to tone up more and put on a little muscle.  The only supplementation I use is the protein powder; I don't take anything else.

    Keep plugging away!!  You can do this.

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • drizzydrake

    First, Congrats for starting this program. With your situation it may be harder at the beginning but once you figure this out. It will be easier.

    I have some experience with digestive problems. Everyone in my family suffers from them, even me if I don't eat healthy. I find it easier for me and my system if  I stick to the same basic meals and just have alternates to change a meal or two each week.

    Here's what I know what are triggers for my family;

    Milk, is a huge trigger. If you like milk like i do then switch to a 1% or skim, limit your servings per day, drink it in the afternoon and not in the morning or evening. Same goes with dairy, I find that a 50% less fat is better for my digestive system.

    Butter/Margarine can be another. Try using a spray or squeeze butter when you can. If baking substitute for applesauce instead.

    Some veggies are hard too. They produce gas. I find that if I eat fresh it is better. Also how you cook them can make a huge difference. I put a portion size in the microwave covered with a paper towel for 1 min. It steams them perfectly and does not mess with me. Overcooked veggies can cause gas and bloating. You can also try and eat some raw instead of steaming.

    Some nuts can be hard on your system too. Choose wisely. I can tolerate walnuts, pistachios and cashews. But others in my family cannot. Chop them up finely.

    Tap Water, believe it or not ice cubes made with tap water can do a number on you system. My mom has a big issue with this, especially when eating out. Her body is used to her water but not others. I would recommend taking your own bottled water when eating out or even at home just to see if this helps.

    Beans, I find certain beans can be hard on the system. Here are some that are ok for me; Chick peas, Black Beans, Dark Red Kidney, Navy Beans and Great Northern Beans. Eat cold or cook till just warm, don't overcook  them, it can cause gas and bloating.

    Carbonated Drinks are huge! Stay away from all together. These cause havic on you stomach and cause bloating. If you are soda drinker like me, then giving it up can be hard and you might not know you are even bloated. But once you cut that out, you will notice the bloating when you do have one.

    Red Meats, Can be hard too. Just have a little smaller portion size and cook it a little more to the medium rare side instead of well or char broiled. 

    Greasy foods, are bad too. Avoid as much as possible. When cooking with oil use olive oil or macadamia oil.

    Hard Boiled Eggs or Deviled Eggs, Eat the as an omelet or scrambled. I am not sure why eating them boiled upsets the digestive system and cooking the differently makes a difference, but it does.

    Rice, can be another one. I would give this up totally until you get your system straightened out. Then on occasion.

    Sodium, is the last one I can think of. Not only does it make you retain water but is is hard on your organs etc. Use a salt substitute, you can find them at the local grocery store where the regular salt is. 

    You see you don't have to give up foods, just prepare them differently. I hope this helps. Here is what my meal plan normally looks like.

    Meal One: Scrambled eggs with 2 egg white & 2 whole eggs with spinach, peppers and onions along with 2-3 pieces turkey bacon

    Meal Two: Pistachios and a banana

    Meal Three: Boneless, skinless chicken breast with steamed veggies

    Meal Four: Myoplex Lite Nutrition Bar

    Meal Five: A protein source of either chicken, salmon, ground White turkey or tofu, a steamed veggie and a carb source of either sweet potato, beans or                            whole wheat pasta. In rare occasion I eat brown rice.

    Meal Six: Mix Cottage Cheese and Greek Yogurt together and add walnuts and a small handful of oats & raisins.

    Last thing make sure you take all supplements WITH A MEAL even if it says to take on an empty stomach (just eat something small) Some supplements can cause stomach upset. Try having them in the evening with your last meal if you find this works better.


    Good Luck! Keep me posted and let me know if any of my information has helped you. I am not an expert just know from experience.




  • I forgot one thing!

    Some lettuces can be hard on the system too. I find if they have a stronger smell to them they are upsetting. Stick with Romaines and leafy greens. Spinach upsets my stomach if I eat it raw so, I cook it and I am fine.   


  • Wow Zavi those are helpful for anyone I think! My husband had a lot of digestive problems and we've managed to get his under control with specific food omission. Also, taking a fiber powder such as BeneFiber 3x daily dissolved in a glass of water can help smooth out digestion as well.

    I agree with you completely on the tap water thing. I only drink bottled spring water and take my own gallon into restaurants or keep one in the car to drink when I am done eating. I also use bottled water with my coffee and tea. It has made a huge difference! Tap water is full of chlorine, flouride and can also contain a lot of carcinogens. Lately I've been looking into possibly buying a Berkey Filter, check it out: