eating at night???

  • so i have a hard time getting all 6 meals in a day. i work as a special needs assistant at school so i don't have time for a midmeal between breakfast and lunch. I was wondering, is it better to eat two midmeals later in the evening and if that's an option how long before going to bed should I eat.

  • The important thing is to get a meal in every two to three hours.  Your midmeals don't have to be glamorous...aim for something quick and easy that will get the job done.  The Myoplex bars sound like the perfect solution for you.  

    You SHOULD NOT be going 5 or 6 waking hours without a meal.  Not only does this not help your metabolism, it can lead to a bingefest of carbs later in the day when you have more time.  

  • Tiff - when I first started and had to be out and about, I the heck am I going to eat all this or have time.  

    But the Myoplex products are meals in themselves.

    I like the pre-made Nutrition shakes that come in 4 packs (cheapest at Wal-Mart I've found).  I can guzzle these pretty fast and that makes my 10oclock meal nice and simple.  I eat a nutrition bar at the 3 o'clock hour so that's quick and simple as well. (if I'm feeling extra hungry or if I have time, I pair it w/ half a banana, some almonds or an orange) but always with some water.

    If I am caught out where I didn't bring any of this stuff.  Easy....there's always a wal-mart, GNC, CVS etc, somewhere out there.  I can grab it quickly.  It's the same concept with smokers.  They've got time for a cigarette break, I'll just take my break with them sneak in my quick meals and they won't think the wiser.   Makes it fun too.  At the 3 oclock hour, while they all smoke, and if they ask what I'm eating...I'll jst say a candy bar, keeps it simple, they don't want to hear about diets and stuff like that.

    As for my last meal, I'll use the AdvantEdge shakes because they are smaller 11oz and I'll either take this alone or with two strawberries.  This last meal is my telling point to slow down now, it's also a great time to prep for the next day.  This meal is taken about 2-3 hours before I sleep.

    Like Armster says, the important thing is to keep the fire burning by providing fuel every 2-3 hours.

    Marqui D. C1W7D46

  • I love the Myoplex Lite shakes, but heads up: They're your protein source. You need to add a carb to that to make your meal.

    Now the bars, they are your full meal: protein and carbs all wrapped into one tasty, quick meal. I always have one for my afternoon meal, right after school (I'm a teacher) before I head to the gym.

    Zone Perfect Cinnamon Roll and the Strawberry Yogurts are my FLAVORITES!! :D

    I'm hypoglycemic, so eating every 2-3 hours is working really well for me. I've never felt so good!!

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  • Thanks everyone. This really helps.

    Marqui D I saw the premade Nutrition shakes at walmart but opted for the powder. i kinda hate that decision now...i'm thinking about going back and getting some.

    I will def try the Shakes and bars.

  • Tiff - Just a quick could buy one 4 pack and after you finish that, wash them out and put water and the powder in them so you'll always have Premade shakes.

    Those things are so durable - I actually started saving mine and put them on top of the kitchen cabinet, kinda like a "99 bottles of beer on the wall" when I'm done I'll have 72.  84-12 free days.  I'll probably post a picture when my 12 weeks are up...kinda like my own trophy.   Anyways have fun with it all  =)

  • lol that's great Marqui D! You should post pictures at the end. I want to see your trophy.

  • I eat my last meal at 10pm, usually cottage cheese and a carb. Then bed at 10:30.  

  • Thanks Jacksonsoxfan. you know how people always say "don't go to bed right after eating...your body will just store it as fat"   i appreciate your input. makes me feel better about it.