whole milk or orange juice?

  • I am starting this program finally after 3 long years and many health battles but I was curious, is it okay to drink whole milk or orange juice with meals? I believe in a lot of places on this site it says stick with skim milk? What you guys think? Trying to get ripped up 

  • DrizzyDrake - Sorry.  That's a no and a no.  There's too much fat and sugar in whole milk and too much sugar in orange juice to make that an option.  Skim milk can be okay, if you then do not have any additional carb.  Skim milk has both carb and protein so it's somewhat balanced, but you would need some more protein with it. 

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  • so all we drink is water at every meal...wow thats insane i used to love drinking whole milk i believe its the best thing for you to build you back up. but i still am going to restrict myself to the rules in this book. my lifes kind of on the line LOL

  • Yes, water, water and more water.  You can have some black coffee or with a little skim milk.  You can have unsweetened tea, but really, learn to have water. 

    The milk industry does good marketing, but it's really not the best thing to build your body back up.  Follow the list on Page 84 of BFL and you will build your body back up.  I promise!

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  • :)  im so happy i just want my life back i lost everything to drugs and other things. God told me i was gonna get a 2nd chance at life and this is it and i want it so badd more than anything even tho it seems so minuscule

  • Getting your life and health back is not miniscule.  You aren't saying BFL is the end all be all.  You are saying you have high goals and this is the tool you have chosen.  You have chosen well.  

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  • yea just grateful to be alive after all i been thru. on that note all those stories i been reading over and over in that book for the past 3 years make my story seem so petty. very inspirational and invigorating for me..

  • so you think the whole 12 weeks no oj or whole milk to be safe? just skim milk...i really don't wana half ass this because I'm going to be giving it my all

  • We all have a story and none are petty.  

    It's okay on your free day only.  Neither whole milk or OJ will help you achieve amazing results.  

    People who half ass it get half asses results and then they're disappointed.  

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  • :)

  • Jessica is right on!  The milk industry has done a great job at marketing their product and having us believe that it's actually good for us... and it's not, not in the least.

    If you really have a craving for milk then Skim milk might be a good choice, but if you're looking for an alternative that's sweet like whole milk then try Coconut Milk or Rice Milk (never the Soy milk which often contain growth hormones).  I know they sound gross and might take some getting used to, but some people swear by them once they make the change.  However, all I drink is water, unsweet tea and on occasion I add Mio (great product) to my water, but use it sparingly.

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  • I would also recommend almond milk... it's easy to find unsweetened almond milk at Whole Foods and other places. It's great in coffee and I love to use it for baking.

    Check this out:


    My husband has a severe dairy allergy and we've spent a lot of time researching the history of cows and milk production. The italicized text at the top of the article is the main point to pay attention to. Ever wonder why it seems like some people are absolutely addicted to dairy products or why we're told that milk "calms us down"? It's the A1 casein. This is also why a lot of people from Africa, Asia and non-western countries are often called "lactose intolerant" if they go to Europe or America. Their bodies can't process the proteins in A1 casein.

    Personally I just take two 600mg of calcium + 500 IU vitamin D supplements a day and call it good.

    Also, don't despair over losing your meal beverage! It took me about 3 weeks but I absolutely LOVE having water with my meals now. It doesn't interfere with the taste or textures of my food, I am less prone to overeating and water helps your body process what you're eating much more efficiently. If I ever get a huge craving for fresh juice (usually at breakfast) I will allow myself to have 2 or 3 ounces, but that is few and far between. Once you condition your body to expect something, you'd be amazed how easy it gets!

  • Almond milk is highly processed.  I might avoid the dairy, but wouldn't pick up the almond milk. 

    Learn to love water!

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