What is your opinion on salt??

  • I have tried completely cutting out salt since I have heard it can make you retain water.  I find that my food is pretty bland.  I have never thought of myself as using a lot of salt..... Is some level of salt OK with the body for life plan?  I'm willing to limit it, but some stuff just needs a little salt for flavor.

  • I think salt is a personal thing that you have to evaluate.  I don't seem to retain water much, and my blood pressure is very low, so salt doesn't affect me like it does some people.  I don't use too much of it, but don't shy away from it either.  The guideline has recently been dropped, I think from 2,500 mg per day to 2.200.  I could be wrong, but I think that is the FDA recommended amount.  I never salt my food , but I eat condiments like salsa and frank's buffalo sauce, which tend to have sodium in them.  There are lots of spices and seasonings out there you can experiment with to cut back the sodium but still have the taste.  Good luck to you.

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  • Agree with BD, I do use salt, but very little now a days, but I never over do it.

  • Thanks for the input!  Glad I can use a little salt! :-)