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  • Our family eats a vegan dairy, no meat.  possible to do the Body for Life diet without dairy and meat? Has anyone done it? 

  • Hi Mpetty,

    I think you can do this as a vegan. I was doing a vegan life style for 3 months and had so much energy didn't do the workouts. But I'm considering doing this challenge as a vegan. I think everyone gets all caught up in the protein to carbs thing. As far as I'm concerned if you are following a healthy eating plan you are on the right track. The key for vegans is to make sure you are getting enough nutrient dense food to be able to do the workouts and build a strong and healthy body. Right now I try to eat as much a vegan menu with some dairy and some meat. Lately have been giving it a lot of thought about doing this challenge completely vegan. The biggest challenge won't be the meat it will be the sugars.

    Would love to keep in touch there are vegan body builders. I will be trying to follow the Thrive Diet it seems doable.

    Hope this helps.


  • Yes! Thank you Claude. Keep me updated if you do this vegan. I figured I could try it for a couple of weeks, and if I'm not seeing the progress that I want, I will switch over to using a small amount of chicken and lunch meat, maybe some cottage cheese for snacks. Right now I'm trying to eat dense carbs, like oatmeal for breakfast with sunflower seeds and soy milk, fruit and peanut butter for snacks and/or protein shake, then beans, quinoa, tofu that kind of stuff for lunch and dinner proteins. We'll see if it works out. I don't see why not, as long as I keep my portion sizes down, and make sure to eat a lot of veggies (which will give me protein as well).

    Any other suggestions you have for me? I'll look up the Thrive Diet as well.

    Good luck.

  • I did the challenge last year with good results eating non-vegan foods (meat, deary, etc), but didn't feel quite as healthy as I do when following a mostly or all vegan WHOLE FOOD diet (the processed, sugary junk is worse for you than a piece of organic fish or chicken ).  I have been VERY loosely following the program recently using a mostly vegan diet (with an occasional bit of fish) and am feeling great. I cut out all artificial sweetners and processed foods and feel so much better! I eat a lot of healthy fats in nuts, seeds, olive and coconut oil and am losing my holiday weight without even trying. It is possible to do this totally vegan, especially if using soy protein shakes though. If you choose to add non-vegan foods, I would stick with fish and egg whites to keep you from straying to far from the vegan diet if this is important to you. If you are already not eating dairy, it may be best to avoid it because of the sugar content. A lot of "shredding" diets for fitness models and competitors eliminate dairy for faster fat lost.

    Also, you will need more than a couple weeks to see a lot of results from this program. Your body changes from the inside out when weight training like this. There was a period where the scale did not change and my measurements did not budge at all, but I could tell my muscles getting firmer to the touch...then things really started rolling and both scale and measurements began to shrink again! I love the BFL program. The fact that it is not too restrictive allows more people to follow it; however, I think for maximum health, you can "tweak" it by following a vegan diet, perhaps with the addition of fish and or egg whites. I am thinking about trying it again using all vegan and unprocessed foods, just to see what the results would be and if they differ much from when using animal protein. Jack LaLanne, the father of the modern day fitness movement ate mostly vegan with just the addition of fish and egg whites for added protein and lived into his 90s and was still working out daily!  And don't forget how much protein is in those veggies if you eat enough. Calorie for calorie, there is more protein in a plate of spinach than a steadk (you'd just have to eat a REALLY big plate of spinach, but the calories would be the same even if the pile of leaves was huge).

  • marathonmama,

    Thanks for the info, I have also heard that dairy forms mucus. That's why people who eat alot of dairy sound nasal. Most of the recipes in the Thrive Diet are so easy all you need is a blender and food processor.

    You may also want to check out my

    Will check back later.


  • Does anyone know where I can find a vegan/vegetarian meal plan for BFL?  I'm a dietary vegan, but I have recently considered to add egg white to my diet.

  • BFL Champion Emily Alvers posted the following blog when she did 30 days as a vegetarian. Might find some good recipes on there. Also, Tosca Reno just came out with a new Eat Clean vegetarian cook book. Have not read it so no idea how good it is but my guess there should be some recipes that could be adopted for BFL. Here is the link to Emily's blog

  • Hi Mpetty,

    I will be doing the BFL challenge mostly vegan and some vegetarian. I have been a vegan for some time now. I decided to do this challenge because for two reasons. One, I need to get my butt back in shape and two because a friend said that I could not do "practical" lol. Meaning I could not modify most of the foods in the Eating for Life cookbook to vegetarian and or vegan. So I decided I would do this program 100% veggie. I have posted mostly of what I've eaten so far on my thread. So far so good and I am loving most of the meals. I look forward to following your progress.