Troubles Eating all of a sudden

  • The first 2 days I was perfect with my portions and never got overly full or let myself get overly hungry.

    Now (only on day 6) I just have had trouble eating, yesterday I didn't  eat my 6th meal b/c I just was so full.  I could barely eat all of my cottage cheese and yogurt at one meal, and I just dreaded eating yesterday and today I'm supposed to be on my third meal and I just can't eat b/c I"m so full for some reason. I do add ice and an extra cup of water to my myoplex shake so maybe thats it, but I don't know.



  • You started on the same day we did, we should keep track and encourage each other! : ) I've started and stopped the challenge several times before, but this time, for some reason, it's really really easy for me--partly because my husband is doing it, too, this time.  

    But!  I, too, have a really hard time getting in 6 meals! I can get 5 some days  ( I'm pretty thrilled w/ not wanting to eat w/out being hungry anymore.)  But I have tried to adjust my amounts so that I am actually hungry again by the time I'm supposed to be. It's going to take some tweaking, personal to only YOU, to find your perfect amounts. Will probably also fluctuate daily depending on the amount of activity, amount of sleep, etc.  I wouldn't slow down the water, you need it.  Also, you might move your dairy to the last meal of the day, the casein is slow-digesting, and sticks w/ you more.   What is a typical day for you?  

  • oh awesome that we started at the same time!  We should definately motivate eachother!  I don't know how to message you personally so I'm not throwing my email out there. Yeah, I think I will have to lower my portion, like cottage cheese was suggested at 1 cup, but now after a few days, 1 cup is so dreadful lol. I think it'll just take some tweaking like you said and figure out what portions I need so I'm getting the right amount of meals. I'm really motivated to do this. I have lost 3 lbs of scale weight in less than a week!

  • I've been loving the scale, too. And I don't mind the workouts at all, we are pretty bouncy going IN and OUT of the gym, for a change. Just feels good! I was STARVING all day yesterday.  I mean growling stomach, headache, the works.  Also, nothing tasted good to me.  Going to try some different snacks today, see if I can tweak the other way now, with something that sticks to my ribs a little longer.

    I was low on sleep, though, too. Insomnia and I used to be BFF's, but since I've started exercising, I've slept great. But Sunday was a Free Day, and I didn't work out, didn't sleep that night. Looks like I'll be taking the dogs for a nice walk Sunday afternoons from now on! : ) (Or playing tennis, or gardening, or SOMEthing!)  

    Good luck! Hope  your week is off to a good start!

    : )