BFL Pockets

  • Picture of these uploaded to the media gallery.  These are fun to make and convenient.  I only use whole wheat bread for one carb a day.  Be careful when getting your Whole Wheat flour that you don't accidentally get plain unbleached white flour.  The whole grain will be much more course than regular flour.

    Make a batch of your favorite Whole Wheat bread dough.  Be cautious though be cause some online recipes use too much white flour added in.  After letting the dough rise once  roll out small pieces of the dough into 6 or 7 inch circles.  You can fill these with lots of good BFL authorized proteins.  chicken, seasoned tofu, lean ham, etc.  Watch to keep your portion sizes.  One of the things I filled mine with:

    -Make a mixture of fat free cottage cheese and dijon mustard. Place 1/2 portion of a serving of lean ham on a rolled out dough, then spread 1/2 portion of cottage cheese/mustard mixture.  Fold over the dough and seal the pocket together with your fingers or the tines of a fork.  Assemble enough to fill a nonstick cookie sheet leaving at least a half inch between pockets.  Poke a few holes in the top of each pocket to let steam escape.

    Bake at 375 until the dough is starting to brown.  These don't rise much while baking because Whole Wheat flour doesn't act the same way.  Since the bread dough is rolled thin, this shouldn't take long.

    One Carb/One Protein  add a fresh veggie and you are good.  These can be stored in the fridge and thrown into your lunch box and eaten cold or microwaved for about 30 seconds.

    I haven't tried putting veggies inside these, you wouldn't be able to get a whole portion in there so I'd rather just have mine on the side.

    I'd love to hear what y'all would stuff these with.






  • Oh and I know that I could have just made a sandwich with store bought bread.  One way that I keep my motivation high is by cooking my own food and knowing what goes in the bread that I make.  Assembling and packaging my meals makes it convenient and is quite fun as I research recipes.  With these pockets or the meal packs I make, I can just grab one if I am invited to family or friend's house.

  • James, this is awesome! I saw the pics on media gallery too and they look yummy!

    I think I will have to try making some this weekend... thinking maybe cottage cheese and bell peppers as a filling. I'll let you know how it turns out!

    --- Kitty


  • These look amazing! I'm excited to make them, thanks for sharing! Would you be willing to share YOUR favourite whole wheat bread dough recipe?