protein powder

  • i bought some last night for the first time ever!

    this morning i mixed some in with some oatmeal and i find myself practicially choking it down. is there any way to make it taste better? also, i might have "mixed" them wrong...

    how do other people prepare oatmeal with protein powder?

    what are some other things it goes with? it is chocolate flavored!

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  • For me, I use vanilla protein powder in my oatmeal. I make a large pot once a week, then every day just add the half cup to my bowl, add water to make it thinner, put in microwave then add the powder afterwards and mix.

    If you add a few blueberries maybe you will like the taste better?

  • UGH! i mixed them together first and microwaved the water, protein powder and oatmeal at once. it probably makes sense that it was disgusting!!

    yea i shoulda went with vanilla. now i must eat the 29 servings left of the chocolate. lol.

    how much powder do you add?

    Instead of giving myself reasons why I can't, I give myself reasons why I can.

  • I use the recommended scoop ( 1 serving ) Whatever your brand says is a serving.

    Chocolate would be weird for me too. LOL. I have tried Strawberry, but Vanilla is my fave.

  • actually i think i only got it because it was all they had at the store. it's a big commitment - 30 servings!! thanks

    Instead of giving myself reasons why I can't, I give myself reasons why I can.

  • Therese_anne, if you don't want to use it in oatmeal, don't fret. Make post workout shakes with it. Take one scoop of the whey protein, 8-10 oz cold water, a few ice cubes, 1/2 or whole banana and blend it. Makes a nice tasting shake and really good for your body after a hard workout.

  • that sounds awesome. will try. thanks Mike!

    Instead of giving myself reasons why I can't, I give myself reasons why I can.

  • I have protein oatmeal at least once a day.  I cook half a cup of oats in 1 cup of water in the microwave for about 3 minutes and then add a scoop of chocolate protein powder.  I also add some flaxseeds to it as well.  It is super yummy!  Everyone in my office thinks it smells like I'm baking cookies.  :-)  

    I've tried making these protein brownies where you microwave the protein powder in water with some egg whites and the consisency just never comes out right so I think it has to do with microwaving the protein powder!

  • thanks for the recipe!

    yes, microwaving the protein powder was certainly my downfall. LOL. it was so gross but i didnt want to throw it like i said i CHOKED it down! such a cheap and easy meal though so i will follow your method from now on. thanks

    Instead of giving myself reasons why I can't, I give myself reasons why I can.

  • I am going through the same problem- Maybe why I have drifted? (No good tasting food!!) I bought protein hoping to give myself more of a variety- adding it to oatmeal and making shakes- but the whey protein taste is so strong, I almost can't eat it without gagging!  

    Stacy Lynn

  • I personally do not mix my protein with my oats, I've never been able to get it down.    For me it's mind over matter on the protein powders. The only one I really like is Myoplex Lite.  I use EAS Premium Protein from Costco primarily.  It's not nearly as rich as myoplex.  Protein becomes mind over matter eventually because you want variety and I personally get tired of chewing chicken.  I have the shakes because I know that I can get them down in a hurry and be on my way.

    Stacy you can use all of the spices and herbs that you want to flavor your food.  

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  • Whenever I have oatmeal for breakfast I usually use vanilla protein powder. It tastes better than chocolate. The way I prepare it is I about 3/4 cup of oatmeal in a bowl....add water and nuke it for 2 min. I like mine on the "not so thick side" so I add a fare amount of water. After it is cooked I add 2 scoops of powder.....mix it thoroughly and eat. I have added a few blueberries which does taste quite good. Having said that.....that is not my favourite breakfast. My fave is protein far. I cook up a big batch once every couple weeks and freeze them so they are handy, quick and tastey. All the best!!!

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  • I only use the protien powder for shakes.  They taste delicious with banana and frozen raspberries!   I'm in this for life so I want to enjoy what I consume.  I don't want to "choke down" anything becuase I know if I do not fully enjoy my fuel I will not consume it.  Find something that you like and enjoy.  That is my best advise!  


  • I make my oatmeal the same way as Legs and fit4life.

    I also do this for one of my meals usually M4

    1/2 cup Non fat greek yogurt, 1/2 serving of strawberry protein mixed together and fold in 6-8 chopped strawberries...


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  • i just bought my protein powder today as well. I bought it because I thought I could make a quick smoothie for one of my meals. Am I the only one that thinks it is 'chalky'? I like the oatmeal and pancake ideas. I may try that one day this week. I would also love anymore ideas. I bought both vanilla and chocolate.