• SIMFAN512:


      Sounds like you're doing fairly well.  I have some suggestions that you may or may not want to add.  I eat Kashi GoLean for breakfast.  It has lots of protein and keeps me feeling full.  I buy it in the healthy aisle of my grocery store.  It's great topped with blueberries.

     I don't use the meals in the book, so I'm hoping you're getting plenty of fruits and vegies!  My morning snack is non-fat yogurt, a teaspoon of pure maple syrup, mixed with protein powder and fresh fruit (strawberries and blueberries, pineapple or a peach), topped with wheat germ.  Granted, I have ulcerative colitis, so I've been eating very clean for a long time!  It does, however, take some real time preparing all this before you go to work.  You need to make it a priority.

     Eating is key to losing weight.  It sounds counter-intuitive, but it will keep you from starving and making bad choices.  Have you read The South Beach Diet?  I think other than Phase I, it's a great diet and works well with Body for Life. 


    Good Luck,



  • I'll have to look for the Kashi GoLean. I've read about it in other threats somewhere. I actually haven't ever seen it in stores before. I'll have to call Whole Foods or somethin'.

    But alright. As long as it kinda' looks like I am doin' the right thing, I guess that's good. :O