• Is popcorn authorized, if you pop the kernels yourself in an air popper?

    Stacy Lynn

  • Gosh I feel like the tough love fairy today.  Popcorn is a carb with low nutritional value compared to other choices.  Page 83 of the BFL book has a long list of authorized carbs.

    My question for you is what would air-popped popcorn do for you that a more nutritious carb would not.  I am guessing you are looking for a safe munchy snack, but I may be wrong.

  • If you are watching a movie with the fam and need a munchy snack try raw sugar snap peas. Can't have too many veggies. :-)

    Keep the faith!

    Faithful Renee :0)

  • I am pretty sure popcorn is high on the glycemic index and it does not add nutritional value.  Low calorie per volume, yes.  Healthy, no.  Plus, people often times add butter and salt.  Neither one, very good for you.  

  • I don't think a little popcorn is going to kill you or your results personally. Corn is on the food list, and although it's not the best possible choice in my opinion, allowing yourself some popcorn if that's what you want could actually help you stay on track. It's all about  moderation and finding what works for you!

    As for me, I ate popcorn during my challenge and still do....for movie purposes only. So during my challenge, I would pop my own 100 calorie bags of popcorn and take that and an AdvantEDGE shake in my purse and would enjoy that during my movie. My hubby would be eating his buttery fat laden movie popcorn next to me, and having my own popcorn kept me perfectly satisfied. I do the same thing to this day with either 1/2 bag of light butter popcorn (made at home) or some  Quaker Cracked Pepper and Sea Salt mini rice cakes (this flavor doesn't contain hydrogenated oils like some of the other flavors they make)...I use that as my carb and pair it with a low carb protein shake. It's yummy and it does the trick for me during movies.  There are also healthier alternatives like 1/2 cup dry roasted edamame that work well as a crunchy snack too.  Not sure if your popcorn is for movie times or just for snacking, but whatever the case, you absolutely can use that as your carb if you'd like, but I would keep my mind open to healthier options that pack more of a nutritional punch. There is some fiber in popcorn, but not much on the side of any real nutrients.  

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  • Thanks for the good insight, Emily.

    "What you put in, is what you are going to get back."

    - Terry

  • Before, I would use my own air popped popcorn sprayed with non fat olive oil pam spray, lightly coated with seasoning salt like garlic salt. Would this hinder my results??

    Stacy Lynn

  • Well, I guess my husband & I are doing a little bad thing. We have air popped popcorn every night with zero everything butter flavored cooking spray and almost zero everything white cheddar popcorn seasoning. We alternate our protein we have with it: 1 oz of string cheese, or nuts, or beef jerky.

    It's our reward for all the hard exercise and eating right for the day.

    I guess it's not the best choice but it does keep us happy & on track.

    So........ how bad does everyone think this will hurt us?

    Live   Love   Lift!

    Dee :)

  • Here's my thought on the subject. I LOVE popcorn. I try to limit myself to it maybe once or twice a week. Not because I think it'll hurt my results, but because I like rewards to work towards.

    In the BFL book, corn is considered a carb- thats all that pop corn is. Corn. A carb. right? So I measure out one serving size and toss it in to my air popper and drizzle some E.V. Olive oil on it and sprinkle with season salts.

    String cheese isn't a protein though. I try to suffer through cottage cheese before I eat popcorn.

    Stacy Lynn