Protein for women - trying to lose weight

  • Can anyone suggest a protein for women to trying to lose weight


    People have told me that Protein powders force women to gain weight.. i am worried it maybe niave but open to all feedback :)


  • Extra calories in any form will make men AND women gain weight.  Supplementing with a protein powder will not cause you to gain weight.  If you are looking to follow BFL, by the book, I would suggest a protein powder with equal protein/carbs, such as Myoplex lite.  I, personally use one a little lower in carbs, and drink it immediately following my weight workouts.  If somone adds protein drinks to their existing diets, and does not make any additional changes, they may gain weight.  Protein is your friend; it doesn't build muscle (lifting weights does that), but it helps aid in repair and recovery, so you will have a better workout next time you lift.  Try supplementing with one protein drink a day and make all your other meals 100% clean, and hit your 10's on your workouts, and you will be dropping weight in no time.  Best of luck to you!

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