Yogurt is a carb?

  • I just recently finished reading BFL - on the food chart, fat free yogurt is listed as a carbohydrate.  Is this correct?  I always thought it was a protein since it is a dairy product.  Can someone clarify that for me?  Also, vegetables are carbs but they're complex carbs....vs. simple carbs.  I'm assuming that  it is the simple carbs that are referred to in the "carbs" heading of the book.  I appreciate any light anybody can shed on these two subjects and thanks in advance for the help.

  • Yes, it's correct that yogurt is a carb.  The exception would be Greek yogurt because that's more protein, while other yogurts are more carb. 

    Veggies are usually more complex, while some simple.  Either way, if a good vegetable source then you don't count it as a carb so it wouldn't impact your portions. 

    The carbs listed include both.  Fruit is a simple carb and oatmeal a complex.

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  • Thanks Jessica.  I learn something new everyday!  

  • Isn't that great?  I hope that never changes, that we keep learning.  This site has so much wonderful information.  

    Jessica Mighty Max ~ 2013 Body-for-LIFE Champion ~ Champion is a VERB!

  • I am currently consuming one of the greek yogurts with my plan and I do like it even better that the original yogurt especially with some fruit with it, It is high in protein too