To the Men: What is your portion size of oatmeal?

  • I've always used 1/2c, but I wonder if I should be eating more.

  • Charlie, I'm pretty close to the 1/2 cup on oatmeal, but probably take in about 3/4 cup when I'm doing cereals.  I like to blend some high fiber cereal with wheat cereal, or granola, add a dozen blueberries, or dried cherries, plus about 5 walnut halves (crushed) in the cereal, add milk, and microwave for two minutes.  It turns out much like the oatmeal anyway!  If you can make it to meal #2 without your stomach rumbling, you're probably OK at 1/2 cup, but if you are getting hungry an hour after breakfast, I'd increase to 3/4 cup given the excellent nutrition value of oatmeal.


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  • I use close to or about 1/2 a cup, premeasured as recommended.