• What is the consensus on bananas...? Are they good to eat as a breakfast item? AIs this a good morning wrap? a banana and a tablespoon natural peanut butter wrapped in a whole wheat, 96% fat free tortilla. I am confused because banana isn't on the food list and although I looked up the nutritional information am still not confident with choosing food that isn't on the list (I'm 3 wks into BFL). Thanks for your help.
  • Jackelynn - Bananas are a carb so with whole wheat you have double the carbs and no protein.  Bananas are debated, but I think they are an okay carb, assuming it's the right size.  In most cases, 1/2 a banana is the right portion.

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  • Thanks Jessica! I guess I'll stick with the egg white wrap.

  • Last thing I heard on bananas is they are a good carb to replenish your energy, but not the best option on BFL if the idea is to lose weight due to their glycemic load.

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  • I eat a banana and drink a glass of skim milk after my workouts.  Don't forget, bananas have a great deal of fiber, therefore it slows the glucose absorption, unlike table sugar.

    Since I have to be at work by 8, after my workout, I grab a glass of milk and a banana.  It will last until I eat breakfast at work, so my body doesn't go into starvation mode.  

    When I did the BFL before, it was my best tool!

  • I limit my banana intake to breakfast only. They do contain alot of sugar but first thing in the morning would be OK. As a reminder.....make sure to always consume a protein along with your carb especially after a workout.

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  • Hi Patricia,

    If it works for you, great. Not trying to patronizing but just something I wanted to say; a banana has one gram of protein, a tall glass of skim milk has  8-10 grams of protein. That's 11 grams of protein in total which is nearly half (or less) of the protein required for muscles after a workout.

    Courage isn't lack of fear. It's our ability to carry on despite our fear

  • Hi Ruby,

    Yeah, its stinks.  But what I do is I eat a hardy protein breakfast two hours later.  My breakfast is about 50 grams of protein.  I get about 1-1/2 scoops of EAS whey in there at breakfast to help with reparing.

    I used the banana and milk to get me to breakfast, because I have no time to eat a full breakfast before work. I just don't want to go into starvation mode.

  • When you actually read the Body for Life book, although it is not listed in his one page list, you'll find that he mentions eating it as a food item in one of his paragraphs. I would look that page # up for you, but I lent my book out.

    Sometimes we need to step back and not miss the forest for the trees. One of Bill's concerns with Atkins is that people get on a diet where they start seeing even apples as evil. Seriously. If we're looking at a meal and don't know if we should eat a banana (which is not on the list) or a factory-made whole wheat bread (that is on the list), I don't see any reason why we would think the banana is any worse for us. It is totally natural. Now..., I eat plenty of sandwiches. But I'm not gonna pass up a banana for my carb if I'm craving it.

    So, okay. Say it's not on the list, so it could hurt our success for the 12 week challenge. Maybe, but I'm not convinced. I also have a more long-term mentality. So when I did my first challenge, I wasn't trying to lose 50 pounds like some come close to losing. I've been at about 1 lb. a week, and I'm eating things I could eat the rest of my life.... like bananas. :) I'm exercising; I'm finally becoming 'athletic.' and what's more is that I'm eating 'heart healthy foods' - which was my main goal after all the heart attacks that have affected my family.

    Good luck.

    PS If you're eating any carb with protein, including bananas, you're already lowering the glycemic index of your meal. That's one of the benefits of eating Body-for-Life! :)

  • One thing in the defense of bananas,  I have never had any muscle or leg cramps when I eat one or half of one in the morning before going to work out later in the day. Strange but true, none the less and they do make the oatmeal a little more flavorful too.  (a Banana is mentioned in the official BFL book as acceptable and Bill does not say a half of a banana).

  • BFL is about appropriate portions.  1/2 a banana is typically the right portion.  Bill didn't say 1/2 because you are responsible for using his method to find the right portion.  Just look at the nutritional value of a banana and you will see 1/2 is right in most cases.  If adding to oatmeal then even less of course.  

    Many things have potassium so to eat bananas for that isn't a good argument.

    I'm not against them.  Actually, I just had one, but I had the right amount for me.

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  • I agree Rachel.  It's like saying a natural food is bad, but an artifical food is good.  Now, my trainer is a body builder, and he says all you need to do is eat bananas more towards the early part of the day, that's all, but you get about 3 grams of natural fiber.  

  • During my BFL Challenge, I always put a half banana in my smoothies.  Going over my food journal from back then, I had 1 to 1 1/2 bananas per day, every single day for 84 days.  I had good results.

    I am still eating bananas and I am not any fatter.

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  • Thanks so much for the helpful insight, you have put my mind at ease.  I also feel I learned some about perspectives on the program.  I am trying to be strict but also understand that I am human... I am seeing results and am feeling great.  I am almost at 4 weeks and have lost 5 lbs!!! I am also sleeping better, therefore waking up earlier and easier which makes me feel accomplished and gives me a great outlook for the day.  I have been recommending this diet to everyone.