Need help re 6th meal - PLEASE : ) Anyone???

  • Hi,

    I always eat 5 meals and sometimes the 6th if im hungry, i did this on my two prior challenges also.  My question is, can you eat your 6th meal right before going to bed? Ive always understood that eating right before bed isnt a good thing, as it will just sit there and not have a chance to burn off.  Ive read other story's of people on BFL that eat there last meal very late, some around 11pm.  So can i eat right before bed, or not??



  • it's okay to eat your 6th meal before bed.  i always eat 3/4c to 1c of low fat cottage cheese about 25 minutes or so before i go to sleep..that way i can protect my hard earned muscle overnight while i sleep! i've recently begun adding in 1tbsp of natural almond butter to my 6th meal and it's really good - tastes like a dessert or something.

    as long as you make sure the 6th meal fits into your daily macros (calorie, carb, protein and fat wise) then you will be fine regardless of when you eat this meal.

  • Spinney - yes. Eat that 6th meal. While you sleep is the only time muscles get repaired. You need the protein from that last meal to "work" as you sleep. If you don't your protein will be found and used by the lean muscle you already have.

    Cottage cheese is a good choice as it gets digested slowly through the  night leaving less time for your body to have no fuel available. Soon after that casien is used up, you are awake and closer to that first meal of the day to continue the steady flow of fuel, energy and digestion.

    I try to eat my 6th meal as close to bed as I can because I work out in the morning and dont want to be without energy/fuel for too long because I am afraid I wont be able to really push myself.

    I hope this helps.

    Good question. :)

  • ive eaten as late as 1am and still dropped 2 lbs a week. you can have any protein/carb source, but if you want something sweet greek yogurt and berries is a choice of mine.

  • It doesn't matter if you eat late.  Your meal 6 choices do matter.  As Legs suggested, fat free or low fat cottage cheese is your best protein choice.  It's casein protein, which takes the longest to digest, thereby running your system for longer.  Eggs and Greek Yogurt are also good choices.  I would suggest having a simple carb, like fruit.  You can do veggies, but I would not do a grain for meal 6.  Your muscles repair and grow from HGH (human growth hormone).  HGH doesn't come out to play unless your insulin is low.  You want a carb that will allow your insulin to go lower during the night, while you recover.  


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  • thats interesting, Im looking in the body for life book and i cant seem to find where bill phillips says to eat slower digesting protein for your last meal. I did, however, find progress photos from going from 52%bf to 15% and my last meal was always chicken and brown rice. Oh and my LBM went from 184 lbs to 202 lbs. I guess HGH finally did come out to play.

  • My final challenge pictures and stats clearly show what I can do within a 12 week time frame.  Most importantly, it was done with an even better inner transformation.

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  • Interesting. The title of this thread was "need help, 6th meal." Not , "Jessica what can you do within a 12 week frame", or "Was you're Inner transformation the most important to you?"

    Nope, it was meal ideas and you came in here and regurgitated information about "slow digesting" protein at night, and how Mr Big Bad Boogey Grain will scare away your little friend Mr HGH from coming out to play before bed.

    Cliff Notes.

    1. Spinney wants advice on 6th meal

    2. Jessica makes process more complicated by telling her foods she shouldnt eat

    3. Jessica rambles about herself and her "inner" transformation.

    Like I said earlier Spinney, eat whatever protein/carb combo that you prefer. I did it, by the book without all these unneccesary rules, and I cut my body fat from 52%-15% in 18 months. As long as you are in a calore deficit, you will lose body fat.

    The End

  • Oh dear,

    I bought plain yoghurt tonight and tried a tsp, just not my cup of tea at all.  Perhaps I should mix it with a little protein powder to swtn it a bit?? I also bought some frozen berries

  • i wouldnt add powder....add your fav berry or peaches would go well too.

  • Spinney - Go with slower digesting proteins at night.  It is a better option.  Ignore rude people, it's better for your inner transformation.  Also, remember that being in a calorie deficit has absolutely nothing to do with losing fat, only weight.  That's why you need to make good choices and it sounds like you're doing that.  

    A trick for plain yogurt is Vietnamese cinnamon.  I use it in my 0% Greek yogurt because I don't care for the bitter taste.  Vietnamese cinnamon, unlike others, is sweet.  It will makes plain yogurt much more palatable.  

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  • charlie - i've read many threads on this site and you always seem to specifically attack jessica and her opinions on various topics.  it really lowers your credibility when you act like an immature high school student (and a female one at that). ;) but i do agree with adding berries or peaches to greek yogurt!

    spinney - i add one pack of splenda, a dash of vanilla extract and cinnamon to my greek yogurt then put in whatever complex carb suits me at that time.  it does have a texture that may take time getting used to...very reminiscent of sour cream :) (speaking of which, it actually works GREAT as a sour cream replacement!)

  • Hi ya,

    Cheers for that.  Bill Phillips says that low fat yogurt is a carb? I think the Greek yogurt has more protein though?? Ive ot a 500gram pottle, it says servings per tub is 4, but man that would be HEAPS! But theres 6.3grams protein, carbs 8.9grams, fat is 5.6grams, 111 Cals per serv.  I prob can only do about 3-4 tablespoons, so im sure that doesnt 'cut it' in terms of protein or carbs? thats why i wondered if i should add like a tablespoon of protein powder?? but then that would only be about 5grams of extra protein?? If you could give me advise on that, it would be great! I tried with some berries last night, but is that not just adding more carbs???

  • Greek yogurt is more of a protein.  It was not popular when BFL came out.  He was talking regular plain yogurt. 

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  • So you think i shouldnt eat it? if was more of a protein, wouldnt the protein portion be higher than the carb content, which it isnt? Cheers : )