the joys of microwave protein cakes/muffins

  • I just made a microwavable chocolate protein cake for breakfast and was pleasantly surprised. Not a decadent, gooey brownie, of course, but a nice spongy palm-sized chocolate cake -- which, at 18g of protein and 90 calories, can't be beat. I dunked them in my coffee but next time I'll pair them with peanut butter. 

    The recipe can be found here:



    I used pumpkin, splenda and unflavored whey. I'm imagining infinite delightful variations with flavored protein powders, sugar-free syrups, fruit purees (bananas!), peanut flour, etc. Speaking of peanut flour, here's a "toasted peanut flour and greek yogurt protein cake" which I'm dying to try as well:



    I wish I had discovered these earlier in my challenge. They'd be perfect as a light meal when you want to nosh on something but are experiencing protein-balancing fatigue (and surely I'm not the only one).

  • And here's a sweet potato spiced protein cake with peanut butter "icing" (!!!):

    A version with oat flour and coconut oil (no nutritional info given, but obviously not as light):

    Vegan peanut protein cakes (would need some tweaking, as the ratios aren't ideal):

  • yes...LOVE THESE!!!