Vegan, starting 5/23, questions about a few foods

  • Hi there,

    I have been vegan since 1/3/11 and will be starting BFL tomorrow.  I started it back in September and had an awesome first four weeks, then sprained my ankle really bad on a camping trip and was sidelined for almost six weeks, with swimming being just about the only exercise I did.  (Other than chasing 3 kids around).  Anyway, I am trying to figure out if I can do BFL well as a vegan, or if I may need to reintroduce dairy and eggs to make sure I can get enough protein to actually build muscle.  I have already ordered a vegan protein powder to add to meals and to use in shakes, but still need to sit down and really evaluate my protein sources to see if I can give 100% to the eating plan if I remain vegan.

    Can anyone tell me whether each of the following is considered a carb or protein (or neither) on BFL?

    almond milk

    soy yogurt

    soy beans (cooked with spices)

    chick peas (raw and/or cooked with spices)

    Thanks in advance!



  • all of those that you listed are technically a carbohydrate (although they still do have protein! they just lean more heavily towards being a carb).  i'm not 100% about the soy yogurt though - what's the protein content per serving?

    in my honest opinion, you at least need to add dairy/eggs back into your diet in order to get the most out of this ensure you're getting all the necessary COMPLETE proteins needed to build muscle.  at each of the six meals you need to make sure you have a substantial protein source and a complex example of this for a vegan would be tofu + chick peas (tofu being the protein, chick peas the carb).

    it isn't too difficult for a vegan to get their daily requirements of protein in everyday life but the body for life program has you consuming about double an average daily requirement...which would be very difficult to get being vegan and without completely overloading on carbohydrates.

    if you need any more help/suggestions i'd be happy to help!

  • Hi! You can do it. Check out the blog by Emily Alvers: She can give some interesting info on how to add those proteins into your diet. :)