Temptation or real hunger

  • Hi all,

    I was happy to finally see the scale and the measuring tape move over just a little after starting week 5 on Monday.  However, my hunger and temptations are starting to get the better of my will power.  I read the BFL books, I look at the major tranformation my body has already taken, and I emptied out all of the FAT clothes and am happy to report that I am in clothes that I havent fit into since pre-marrriage and baby.  However, sometimes when I am PMSING, have a bad day, or just feel HUNGRY, I reach for another serving of brown rice or another chunk of chicken breast and worse, on Tuesday I had a few teaspoons of my husbands fudge brownie and ice cream.  Other times I can totally will myself to not even want to eat anyhitng like that, but other days I am too weak and/or hungry. I hate how I feel afterwards and my mantra of "nothing tastes better than thin feels" is ever present, but again, sometimes I just go for it.  I know this is the reason that my weight won't budge but not sure how to overcome emotional eating.

    I am not sure what response I am expecting, but maybe someone is dealing with the same issues. My body changed, but weight in numbers only went down about 3 pounds and measurments went down 2 inches on waist, 1/2 inch on arms and 1 inch on thighs.  Am I being too hard on myself?


  • I am just at the beginning of my journey, week two, but I already feel like I want to eat everything! What did you do a few weeks ago when you felt those temptations? Maybe going over again what your goals and aspirations are will help you? Otherwise all I can say is don't give up! =] Too many people are counting on you to succeed!

    ps: do you chew gum? That has helped me a ton in the past.

  • I would take a good hard look at your meals and make sure you are eating enough, especially your carb intake.   If you are eating proper amounts, you really shouldnt have major 'hunger' with meals being 2-3 hours apart.   Many people wind up eating way too LITTLE food because they just dont think they should eat as much.   There is just a huge difference between what most of us used to look at as our carb intake and what BFL has as carbs..


    edit:   Now, there are times when it could be your mind trying to convince you that you need it.  During those times, you just have to reach down deep and dont let your mind beat you!