Can someone review my food ratios please?

  • Thanks for clicking thru!

    I started the challenge on Monday - and I'm lovin' it!  I think I'm eating right, but just want to make sure!

    At 5'9", I'm 198#, so obviously my first concern is weight loss, but building muscle is very important to me too!

    I know the focus is supposed to be more on balanced and portion sizes - but I'm tracking my food to keep myself in check!

    So, if my breakdown is as follows, am I doing okay?

    Calories = 1200

    Carbs = 100

    Fat = 28

    Protein = 115

    I'm FULL all the time eating 5 meals a day, but have been reading that I should be eating 1 g of protein for every lb I weigh - is that really what's required???

    Thanks for any input!


  • BUMP - can anyone help me out here?



  • Hi Sandy,

    At 5'9" and 198#, 1200 calories would be way too low and to the point that it would prevent meaningful progress.  

    I would suggest the 1 gram rule for basic comparison.  

    I'm going to do 200 because I'm bad at math.  It goes by your scale weight.  

    200 Carbs / Day

    200 Protein / Day

    40 Fats / Day

    Let's break this down.  Every gram of protein and of carb is 4 calories.  Fat has 9 calories per gram.

    4x200 = 800 calories / day in carbs

    4x200 = 800 calories / day in protein

    9x40 = 360 calories / day in protein

    1960 = total calories per day target

    We have 6 meals per day.  

    200/6 = 33.3

    Each meal should have about 33 grams of carb and of protein.  

    This takes some getting used to so it might be that you're full because you are not used to eating so often.  Try for 6 meals instead of 5.  You could do 25 per meal and be fine, but at 1200 calories, you were going too low.  Maybe have choices that fill you less?  What are you eating?  

    Jessica Mighty Max ~ 2013 Body-for-LIFE Champion ~ Champion is a VERB!

  • UGH.  1900 calories and 200 carbs seems like so much!  And obviously I'll have to look for some higher protein options as well - it's kinda hard cuz I'm a picky eater - LOL!

    Is that really what you ate when you did the plan? Adjusted for your weight obviously!

    I'll post what I ate yesterday in a little bit when I'm on my lunch hour....thanks!

  • I'd say you can go down to 150 carbs, but 100 is too low.  

    I did mostly follow this.  It wasn't my first challenge so the only tweak was that my last meal had about 1/2 the carb portion typically.  For instance, I'd have Greek Yogurt, which has both, but more protein.  This really was my plan and it worked.  

    Why kinds of things do you like?  Maybe we can all suggest recipes that keep it fresh and then you can have the same few things, but have them feel like more variety.  

    A small apple is about 24 carbs so it's easier to get to those amounts then you think.  I think most hae more than they realize.  

    Jessica Mighty Max ~ 2013 Body-for-LIFE Champion ~ Champion is a VERB!

  • I was a very picky eater before I did my challenge.  I MADE myself eat off the BFL book approved food list, and it was hard to do being picky.  BUT, I also started to open myself up and trying new things.  I HATED veggies, still arent my faves, but I now 'do' salads etc etc, NEVER did before.  I do rice, cous-cous (sp) fish (was never much of a fish person either).  Fruits.. I never really ate fruit unless it was in a pie of a muffin :).  Yogurt.. Cottage Cheese etc etc. I now LOVE trying new foods.   The program REALLY has opened me up to new flavors / textures etc etc.  

    It's ALL a mind game, really.. You just have to decide that you arent going to be held prisoner by junk food, and give 'real' food a try.   You may be like me, and surprise yourself and find out you LIKE the stuff!!  

  • And it may LOOK like a lot of food, and it is a good amount of food, BUT if you would really add up what you've been eating up to this point, I bet you'd be surprised how much MORE you've been eating calorie wise then you think.  Especially when you count EVERYTHING.. And I mean EVERYTHING you eat or drink during a day.  2000 calories isnt that much and you MUST have food for your body to keep going!!

  • Okay - you got me!  I've been a low-carber off and on for years (20-30 a day!) - but I see the body that THAT has built - LOL!  (Not good!)

    So I'm more than happy to add more fruits to increase the bigger concern is where to get more's my snap shot of what I ate yesterday.....(and I KNOW I'm gonna hear about the Skinny Cow!)


    I really DO appreciate all your input guys/gals - just don't leave me bleedin'!  :)


  • And I'm kinda figuring that by the time I find enough more protein choices they'll start filling in the calorie shortage, along with a couple more fruits.

    Obviously my breakfast could use some "meat"!  I don't have my book at work with me, and I don't trust the list onsite here (wink @ Jessica)....what would my options be for breakfast meat?  Is ham allowed???  I doubt bacon is - LMAO!  

  • turkey bacon / turkey sausage!!!

    I would die without them as choices for b-fast.. Ok.. maybe a bit over the top :)

  • Turkey bacon will be an adjustment - I was a low carber and allowed to eat REAL bacon!  LOL!

    Maybe turkey sausage........

    Are nuts allowed?  I have a little bag of peanuts here that show 14 grams of protein and 310 calories...

  • Turkey bacon isnt NEARLY as bad as I thought it would taste.. Tastes like.. well.. bacon IMO

  • Hi Sandelio,

    Welcome to B4L.  I had a few suggestions on the meal snapshot you shared above.  Please feel free to take it or leave it, just some ideas that work for me.

    Breakfast - I might add half a cup of egg whites (substitutes or about 2 reg egg whites) to the one egg you are already eating.  It still tastes and cooks the same and will help boost your total protein.  Also, not sure if you have tried, or have available, La Tortilla Factory Low Carb Tortillas.  These are the cornerstone of my B4L eating.  They have a ton of fiber and something like 5gs of protein as well for half the calories of the Mission brand.  They come in large and small sizes.  I even use them to make flatbread pizzas at least once a week.  Adding some veggies to the scramble or whatever you are making will add in some low cal carbs as well.

    Lunch - The protein is really low here and not balanced with the carbs.  You could use a grilled chicken breast with sandwich bread, a low cal bun or those skinny sandwich bread rounds, whatever you prefer.  You can usually find a variety with extra protein too.  I usually bring dinner leftovers if I have em.  If you are concerned about carbs, grilled chicken or turkey over salad with an apple on the side is a great option as well.

    Dinner - There is no carb here.  I'd add a 1/2 cup of rice or a portion potato - sweet if white is going to freak out your carb counting self! :)  I'd also add a vegetable or salad on the side as well.  Oh, and don't forget to try the low carb tortillas with some chicken and fajita veggies.  Yum!  Who doesn't love taco night!

    Snacks - Not sure what you are eating when, but try to make sure you have a balanced number of protein and carbs.  For example have your serving of greek yogurt with 1/2 cup of cottage cheese mixed in (it didn't sound good to me in the beginning but now I love it!).  One egg white doesn't amount to much.  Maybe try 2-3 hard boiled egg whites with 1 tbsp hummus in the middle replacing the yolk with some baby carrots and/or sugar snap peas(another one that sounded gross but is really good)

    I won't comment on the Skinny Cow :) but if you have a taste for something sweet you could try protein pudding if you haven't already.  Just blend a packet of protein powder (or 2 scoops) with 1 cup of milk, add 2 tbsp of sugar/fat free jello pudding mix, blend again and chill for 2 servings.  This one helps my dessert cravings and sometimes I add a dollop of Cool Whip FREE.

    I often review the champions meal plans on this site for new ideas, and I've gotten a lot from former B4L champion Emily Alvers blog.  She has a 4 week weight loss plan that has some great healthy recipie options:

    I hope that is helpful!  You'll find what works best for you, just be sure you are keeping everything balanced. 

  • Thanks for the input Laine!  I'll check out other tortilla's....but I DO remember trying a low carb one that I thought was AWFUL - would rather eat it with my fingers - LOL!

    I'll look at a few other options to balance out my lunch as well. mean I could have a POTATO?!?!?!  :p  I'll check for some carbs to add to my dinner....maybe I should buy one of those "kids" plates that's divided into 3 sections!

    Looks like I'm going to have to start adding more meat overall - I can only eat so many eggs in a day before I start turning green!

    (Sorry - on the snacks, yogurt and the HB egg white are my mid-morning meal - guess I could bump that up to 2, and the Myoplex shake is my mid-afternoon meal - from what I've been reading on here, the Myoplex Lite is probably a better choice.....)

    I'll check out Emily's link too!

    Thank you again!


  • Haha, eating your fingers would help get your protein quota up!  They work for me, just fill em with lots of veggies and they taste pretty good.

    I hear you on the eggs.  I just recently started eating them again.  Some other snacks I also enjoy are: a small apple and a stick or two of string cheese.  Cottage cheese with some berries is great.  There is a recipie for pumpkin chocolate chip muffins on this site which is pretty good.  I ate 2 and spread a tbsp of almond butter on them and they became delicious!  Also 2 wasa crispbreads with a smear of hummus half a slice of reduced fat swiss on each with 2 slices of turkey lunch meat on top is good when you need a crunch.

    Ok, probably more info then you were looking for!  

    I also forgot to mention it's great that you are tracking your food like you are.  Keeping that up will be super helpful in making sure your carbs and proteins are balanced.  Best of luck and keep us posted on how it is going!