Free Day Question

  • Whatever.

    You're doing Body for Life, so you should listen to Bill Phillips. As he says in his book, you have a free day to eat WHATEVER you want. If there was to have been a caveat, he would have included it. You can even look at the foods he mentions as examples in his Body for life and Eating for Life books: pizza, donuts...

    He also mentions that it becomes self-limiting. Guess what? Me having a free day to eat whatever I want is very different that if I'd had eaten whatever I wanted w/o being on the Body for Life program. Why? Because my stomach size has shrunk significantly, so I can't eat as much at one time. Furthermore, the fats and oils make me feel sick.

    This is the end of my 11th week. I have totally binged every Sunday, and I've been very purposeful with my eating the rest of the week. I have still lost weight. I'm happy. Could I have lost more? Probably. Does eating badly on one day make me cheat on Monday too? No. Please, I'm begging for my normal food so my stomach ache will go away.

    Is this food ultimately good for me? That depends... On Sunday I can eat all the avocado I want! Not too sure about the donuts. :) It sure is better than eating it any day of the week like I used to...

    I think something that Jessica is mentioning that is valid is asking 'why.' That, I think is good. There's a point where you wonder, especially if you're full already, "Why would I eat that extra piece of pizza?" - "Because I simply can since it's my free day?"

    My husband (also on Body for Life) ordered a pizza for him and the boys on Sunday. I just wanted a tuna sub from subway, but I could only eat a 6 inch (half of it) and two bites of chips. So I just put the rest away. You get to the point where you learn to SELF-REGULATE. I don't even want regular chocolates now - I just want the good stuff from Whole Foods.

    Good Luck! I would say, just give it your ALL 6 days of the week and do whatever you want on the 7th! You earned it, and especially at the beginning when the cravings are so strong, it really might help you mentally finish the challenge.

    - Rachel

  • Rachel,

    I think it depends on your ability to self regulate.  You can obviously handle that so you can indulge more.  

    Some people genuinely have addictions and need to manage those.  Also, some don't self regulate.  Bill didn't realize that until later.  Listen to him talk about free day now.  It's sure changed.  I think doing this made him aware of eating disorders and there prevalence.  For some it doesn't become self limiting.  Bill talked about that happening and it does, with people who ate too much and are now learning to behave in a more healthy way.  It doesn't for people with food issues.  

    Do what works for you.  

    Binge eating is simply not healthy behavior physically, physiologically, mentally or emotionally.  For that matter, spiritually.  I'm not saying you binge.  I just don't know.  I'm saying many do and regardless of BFL rules, it's an unhealthy and negative thing.  

    To use the BFL book as justification for such a thing is counter intuitive.  

    Jessica Mighty Max ~ 2013 Body-for-LIFE Champion ~ Champion is a VERB!

  • For me I do two cheat meals and only use one regularly...  In my first challenge I ate like a pig on free day and it DID effect my progress. I changed to a cheat meal half way through and it radically changed my behaviour and outlook on free day!  Changing to cheat meals meant I changed my focus and really enjoyed what I had in the two meals or one if I only stuck to one. It stopped being a free for all.

    I always use one cheat meal and sometimes I use the two. I have had great results and no longer go on a binge for free day!  I enjoy my freeday meal and always have dessert!  I also find it real easy to get back to good strict eating again as it was only one meal not a whole day I was getting back from! I always seemed to struggle in my workouts and eating day after a freeday.

    Some people can have a "freeday" and it works for them, works for my husband, but doesn't work for me!!!  So find what works for you!

    I have a family get together on Sunday so will be eating a free meal but it will be just that, a free meal!

  • I think everyone here has really good ideas and I think Jessica is right. It depends on the person. For me, Im a binger which is unfortunate and I do not recommend it. Today is my free day and Ive been awake for an hour and already eaten enough to satisfy half of a day caloric intake. Needless to say I feel horrible. Reading this actuallyhelped me today and made me put the chips away because you guys are right. This challenge for me is about changing my outlook on food for life. I like truegrits idea about the cheat meals but unfortunately I dont think im at a point where Im ready for that self control.

    I guess im just rambling but Im also just confused. Akmama08 made a wonderful transformation and if you look at her example of her free day she went all out. So I really do think it just depends on the person.

    Sorry for the lack of helpfulness in the post just needed to get out some ideas!