Quick Protein Ideas?

  • Hey all,

    I am starting the BFL tomorrow so I just want to make sure I am all prepared.  I can easily find a carb to fulfill the carb portion of the meal, but finding a protein is kinda tricky.  I can always eat tuna or chicken salad sandwiches and eggs, but does anyone know of a good protein source that is easy and quick to make?  Thanks!


  • I'll typically cook up a bunch of chicken breast (bake, grill or poach) and put it in the refrigerator.  I can then easily grab it throughout the week and toss it on a salad or whatever.  Toss some black beans or lentils on that salad for a great source of carbs and protein.

    Cottage cheese is another favorite of mine.  Greek (strained) yogurt is also fantastic, but watch the carbs in the fruit/sweetened versions.  Some people can't handle it, but I'm a huge fan of plain Fage and Chobani.  The vanilla Chobani is a good compromise if you can't handle the plain stuff.  Note: don't stir greek yogurt, it will ruin the texture and taste.

    A favorite of mine is a lean sirloin steak from grass-fed cows.

    And of course there are always supplements; powders (whey, casein, etc), pre-mixed drinks and bars.

    Hope this helps!