• I am new to BFL and on day #3. I have been making my protein shakes (2 X a day) with the whey protein powder and coconut milk (as I saw suggested on the board). Then I read this morning that coconut OIL is discouraged!! Should I stop??

  • I would suggest until you get the ball rolling on your losses that you start with water or LITE coconut milk.  

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  • I use water with my protein shakes.... but I use coconut oil for cooking. but I don't know if anyone else use it. =)

  • ABRASEL - Coconut milk and coconut OIL are two completely different products.  You want to make sure your coconut milk is unsweetened.  Don't use coconut oil.

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  • I make my shakes with skim milk for the extra calories and protein. Especially after a hard work out.