What if you're working late?

  • Hello all,

    My husband and I just started our challenge and his question is, should he keep eating every 3 hours if he is up for more than the usual 17 hours?  As a police detective he's been known to be out working a full 25 hours.  Though this is rare, what should he do in that situation?


  • Wow what a great question.  Since he's up and working (and therefore active and burning calories) I think he should consider more meals. I assume he gets home and does catch up on his sleep so maybe he does one meal less the next day.  So 7 or 8 meals one day and then 4-5  meals the next day since he'll be catching up on his sleep?  That way you are still doing 12 meals over 2 days? Just thinking out loud.

    I'm sure there are other police officers or nurses that will chime in.

  • Good question,  I am neither a nurse or a police officer but do work multipule jobs and a few days a week my day starts @ 530 am and ends at 130 am 20 hour day. When I do have days come up like that I myself will add a seventh meal usually a protien shake or a light snack being its twoards the end of my day I keep it light.. I think its a good idea to add a meal if your day goes that long.. good luck on your journey .. :-)