Snack ideas other than shakes

  • @AnnaFl,

    Yesterday I was at the store and saw EAS bars, but they were sold individually (not in a package) anyway, I bought a box of Met-Rx Big 100 Bars. They have 31gms of protein and a whopping 47gms of carbs. I guess the carbs makes these not worth it? What do you think?

    Still keeping my eye out for the EAS bars.

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  • For your snacks, you definitely want to make sure you stick to the "approved foods" for the best results. Other than shakes, there is a pudding recipe that I will try. Also, I mix low fat cottage cheese and low fat yogurt, you can also have an apple & almonds. Check out the food list on the site for the list of fruits and other snack ideas.

  • @EllaBlue, well sounds like too many carbs to me. I would try  ordering what ya need off line. I do try to limit my bars. Usually when I know when I am going to be running around I keep one handy.  I live in Key west and we do not have alot of access to alot of EAS stuff so I usually just buy online its easier.  Hope that helps :)

  • I would love to try the muffin recipe you mentioned, but I can't find it.  Would you mind cutting and pasting the recipe or give me a hint where it is on the list?


  • Just wondering if bananas are ok to eat for the program?  I understand that they have lots of potassium and do seem to help prevent muscle cramps from the workouts. Didn't seem them in the 1999 version of the BFL book I am studying.

  • Bananas are mentioned in the book on the page after the food list (maybe page 85?).  They are listed as being a perfect portable portion.  I would say that they are more carbs typically than a proper portion so for most, the whole banana is too much.

    Bananas are highly contested as if they are good or not because they are higher in sugar.  I actually don't take a hard line on this one.  They are made in nature and if you have no more than the portion that's right for you then just fine.  

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  • Chocolate Pumpkin Muffins (found in the recipe section of this website under 'desserts')


    •9 egg whites

    •1 1/4 tsp baking powder

    •3/4 cup pumpkin puree

    •3/4 cup rolled oats

    •1 1/2 scoops chocolate protein powder

    •1 1/2 tsp vanilla extract

    •2 tsp cinnamon

    •1 tsp nutmeg

    •12 packets Splenda® sweetener or Stevia powder, to taste

    •40 semi-sweet chocolate chips

    •Cooking spray


    Preheat oven 350 degrees. Combine all ingredients (except chocolate chips and

    cooking spray) in a blender and blend well. Spray muffin tins (use a tin that makes six

    large muffins) liberally. Fill each cup 3/4 full. For each muffin, put four chocolate chips into batter, so that they go into the middle of the muffin, then place the four remaining

    chocolate chips on the top. Repeat for each muffin. Bake 20 to 22 minutes on the

    middle rack.

    Splenda® is not a registered trademark of Abbott Laboratories

  • today i had a can of tuna mixed with very little fat free mayo and a gala apple, cut up, all mixed together. it was super yummy!

  • Thanks for the recipe!  Can't wait to try it this weekend.

  • @Anna Fl,

    I found out why the bars have so many gms of protein and carbs. I opened the box and the bars are huge - enough for two feedings. So if I eat half a bar, I'm getting 15gms of protein and 23 carbs. I'll probably go online to get the EAS bars. The supermarket still carries the EAS shakes, so I can drink those until the bars arrive.

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  • Jessica, do you work for BFL? you act as though you are a rep of theirs. i will say i am afraid to ask any questions now compliments of you and pattymelt causing such a scene. do you know "bill" personally? you are speaking of him in first person as if best of buds.  as for cheese, on the food list on BFL they have listed as a healthy fat---wait for it---low-fat cheese! here is the link to it so you can see for yourself.

    if you are a paid rep by BFL, then i can understand you being so firm and stating what the company tells you. if not, get off your high-horse!

  • sellk

    I'm confused why you would bother trying to cause negativity after the thread has really been quiet and dormant for so long.  Was that really necessary?  I always find it interesting when people come in way after the fact to judge others or something in which they weren't originally involved.

    I do not work for BFL.  I have met Bill several times.  We certainly are not friends.  I have been involved with this program for nearly a decade now.  

    If you read more carefully you would have seen that I know cheese is listed on the site.  Have you read the book?  It's not listed in the book.  The site is far more liberal than the book.  The list in the book is best.  That was part of the point of the discussion.  People come here and discuss, sometimes disagree.  That's perfectly okay.  There's nothing wrong with different views.  

    You can have cheese if you would like.  I'm not the BFL police.  We are all in different stages and have different goals.  If your goal is to rock and amazing BFL challenge / transformation, then I don't believe low fat cheese will support that.  Again, have it if you would like.  


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  • Funny, I just finished reading and studying the book and in it , I believe that Bill does mention low fat cheese and suggested cooking it and pouring off the unneeded oil that forms on the top and then eating it as a more healthy way of consuming the product.  I thought he also said something about cottage cheese as another choice. True he wasn't a big fan of cheese though and y'all do offer it on the website.  I have also inquired about low fat mozzarella during my last challenge and was told that would be an OK snack /meal with the Sobe Lean machine Fuji Apple on my way home in the hot summer months especially (no AC in my auto) as long as it counted as one of my official 6 meals.  As to the banana, Bill states banana NOT half a banana as was mentioned. (banana don't keep very well once opened so what happens to the rest would be wasteful if not silly).

  • It was mentioned that low fat / fat free cottage cheese was mentioned, but the only cheese mentioned.  In other publications he has talked about low fat regular cheese.  It wasn't offered as an option in the book and that's because he was much more strict in the book.  

    A little low fat cheese won't kill your contest so please don't get me wrong.  Obviously though, being more strict with your habits gives you better results.  We all have something that's not a best choice.  If you are going to do with an apple though, you are missing a protein.  Low fat cheese would be considered a fat.  

    The banana thing has gotten confusing.  Remember that your portion sizes are based on you.  Mike Harris used to say that 1/2 a banana was a portion because bananas are so large now and for most, too large of a portion, maybe even double.  If you get small bananas then a banana might be the right amount.  It was a commentary more on the size of bananas now.  

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