Confused about shakes. . .

  • Hey everyone - I am just starting the challenge, and decided to do the shakes as my first meal of the day.

    Maybe I am missing something, but in the book it seems like the shakes in and of themselves are sufficient as a meal.

    Should I be adding something to the shakes?  Fruit or protein or something?

    Appreciate the help!

  • Southie - which shakes are you using?  How many grams of protein and carbs does your body need at each meal?  If the shakes are giving you the amount that you need, then they are fine to have alone.  If they are too low in nutrients for your personal challenge, than you will need to add things to them or eat something on the side.  I am a woman, 5'5", 150 lbs.  I strive for 25 grams of protein and carbs at each meal.  I use the myoplex lite meal replacement drinks.  They have 20 grams of ef carbs and protein.  So I count that as one meal for myself.