Am I eating too much bread per meal?

  • I read in the book that 2 slices of whole wheat bread is one portion of carbohydrates, however, I want to verify that I am not overeating on carbs and bread. I just made a grilled turkey breast sandwich with avocado, roasted red peppers, fresh jalapeños, grilled onion, and light mayonnaise (ok these other ingredients are not necessary but I thought I'd brag about how delicious it was :p) and I used 2 slices of bread- here is the nutrition date per one slice: 110 calories, 22g carbohydrates, 4g sugar, 5g protein. It is the Milton's 100% whole grain whole wheat sliced bread that I bought at Trader Joe's.


    Cheers and happy Friday!

  • carbs and protein should be roughly equal. unless this meal has about 40g of protein, it's probably a bit much. however, i'd say if you want to keep it, just reduce the carb portion at another meal. at the end of the day your ratio of protein/carbs/fat should be in the neighborhood of 40/40/20 (I never reach this exactly -- sometimes more carbs, more fat, less fat, etc, but I find it's a good guide). maybe keep track for a few days to make sure it's not seriously skewed.

  • Thanks for the response unicycle, that makes sense. I am pretty sure the Turkey breast sandwich had at least 40g of protein, so I should be good to go. Should I have had 20g of fat with this meal? Because in that case, I doubt I am getting enough fat in my meals, they are all pretty low fat, for example, when I have my protein shakes, which are 23g protein, with an apple, which I assume is around 23g carbs, but zero fat.

  • I believe Unicycle is referring to percentages, e.g. 40% calories from protein, 40% carbs, 20% fats...also, a good site to check out that gives more scientific background on the BFL program is hussmanfitness dot org.  Helpful to get more specifics on the "why" questions in my experience :) Also, on the bread, I buy the Ezekiel brand at my local Trader Joe''s sprouted bread, 80 cal/slice and  zero sugar so a better option in my opinion.  In some grocery stores it is actually in the refrigerated section....just an idea! Love the sandwich btw!