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  • I'm in the 8th week of my first challenge and for some reason, I am unable to stay on track with my meals this week.  I went away for the weekend and may have indulged a little too much so I'm wondering if these are cravings or if my meals are no longer cutting it.  My mini meals would always last 3 hours but this week, they barely last 2 hours and these are the same meals I have been eating throughout the entire program.  Does this mean my body is changing/developing more muscle and I should eat every 2-2.5 hours or maybe just give a few more days to detox from my bad eating habits over the weekend? I am constantly looking for food and not sure if I should give into this or not.  Any advice/insight is appreciated.  Thank you!

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  • Im in week 9 getting ready to start  week 10. I started out weighing 262lb now I'm at 234lb I've gotten a little stronger  but I havent lost any weight since  week 7. I have at times, nibbled on the wrong foods, wonder if this really makes a difference? Example  ( after eating 5 righteous meals, i have broken a small piece of  fried chicken wing in half, pulled off some of the skin and ate it.) . I have changed my  weight lifting rountine twice, and changing it  now for the third time . Havent changed my cardio though!! Have significantly increased the intensity through the weeks though. I  know something is happening because my arms are showing more veins, but only   little bit ,by little bit . But at that littlle bit by little bit pace, I wont make it  by the end of week`12.  Does it still take as much calories now that Im at 234lbs as it did when i was at 262lbs?. Wouldnt i need to stay in a calorie deficit mode. Please help all advice is well needed and cherished thanks in advance

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  • Bforlife,

    I am about the same place in the challenge as you are, week 9. Due to work and scheduling I have ended up eating at 2.5 hours usually anyway.  But the last two weeks I have truly pushed my workouts to new levels, lifting more than ever, going stronger on my cardio, and yes I too am hungrier.  I am thinking its because we can do more than we could 6 weeks ago, working harder, calling on our bodies more, and its needing fuel, so if we don't feed it more it will burn fat?   Does that sound feasible?

  • When I was in week 10 I was starving at about 9 pm. So I would either nuke a potatoe or 1/2 C oatmeal. That seemed to work for me. Don't know if I would have lost more weight by not eating but if you are hungry I say eat.


  • Maybe you could try adding a bit more protein.  Can you post some of your meals?  That way  we could help you better.


  • As you near the end of your challenge, you tend to get hungrier.  I know that from week 9 on, I was ravenous and felt like I could eat everything in sight.  I think at this time of the challenge, our bodies really go into fat burning mode, so it is important to let it burn that fat, but also important to fuel with the right foods.  If you feel truly hungry and you have been drinking lots of water, you may want to add a little more of BFL approved foods to see if that helps.  You may be burning more than you were originally.  Laurie is right, you should post a menu and let others take a look at it, and we may be able to provide more specific answers for you.

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  • Thanks for the help everyone!  Below is a sample of what I eat daily...I don't eat meat other than fish so you will see a lot of fake protein sources.

    Meal 1:  eat beaters, fake sausage and fruit (usually 20 grams protein)

    Meal 2:  protein shake and berries (20g protein)

    Meal 3:  large salad with 2T balsamic dressing (4 grams fat) and 2 low fat mozzarella sticks (18g protein and 5 grams fat from the cheese-sometimes I replace the cheese with salmon)

    Meal 4:  usually a sweet potato and cheese sticks again or BFL ready made low carb shake

    Meat 5:  balance bar  (15g protein)

    These meals are scheduled 3 hours apart.  I'm usually not awake long enough to have the 6th meal of the day but if I am, it is usually another balance bar

  •  I don't know how much you weigh but I'm 190 pounds and I shoot for 300 calories per meal.  With 6 meals that's an 1800 calories per day.  I usually lose weight throughout the week and I'm never hungry!

    Are you sure you are eating enough? I have no idea what your size is but you may not be getting enough calories and that would definitely make you hungry.  Those balance bars are about 200 calories each and if you aren't eating a 6th meal you maybe waking up hungry and staying that way throughout the day.

  • I beef up two meals a day with veggies. I've grown particularly fond of frozen spinach....I know i know yuk but you should try it now that your grown up and don't HAVE TO EAT IT. I use a little hot sauce on mine and nuke about 2 cups ( 4g prot ans 4g carb) what the heck fills a void and the sweet Pictsweet brand from Wal-Mart 28 oz for $1.78 you can't go wrong. Hey it always worked for Popeye toot toot

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  • GREAT advice so far ... Eat every two hours if you have too, just get in the 6 meals a day.  That, in itself, will up your calories.   Make sure you're getting 6 meals for sure!!  Good luck!!

  • I agree with more veggies, absolutely.  Most contain water and fill you up for longer.

    You need more protein.  If you don't eat meat, you really need to find some other sources.  You should really shoot for about 20 grams protein AND 20 grams carb per meal.  And, make sure you add veggies to AT LEAST two of your can be more.

    Meal 1:   Looks o.k. as long as you are hitting your ratios

    Meal 2:   How many carbs does your shake have without the berries?

    Meal 3:  I would definately try to ditch the cheese sticks and replace with salmon, tuna or any other protein source.  Do you ever eat the Amy's veggies burgers?  What about cottage cheese?  Sometimes, I will eat an Amy's veggie burger, 1/4 cup cottage cheese & a large salad; works out to be 20 grams protein and 20 grams carbs.  Even low fat cheese adds up for fat, and it is saturated fat.  You are getting your good fat source with your salad dressing.

    Meal 4:  Even though I am more for "real" food versus meal replacement shakes.  A shake would be better here.  Sweet potatos are great for you and have a ton of nutritional value, but paired with just a cheese stick is not a good enough meal.  Too low in protein.  What about an egg omelette or a sweet potato with soy beans and a boiled egg.

    Meal 5:  What is the carb count in this bar?  This is o.k., but real food would be a better choice.

    I hope this helps you.  I know it is tough when you don't eat meat, but I know there are a lot of options out there; you just have to explore and then try to lay it out to where every meal has the same amount of carbs/proteins.  I usually don't have as many carbs with my last meal.

    Best of luck to you.

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