Need some new ideas ...

  • So I need some new meal ideas for C2 which I will be starting either the 21st or the 28th depending on how I feel.


    So some of my staples have been:

    Chicken and barley soup (BFL recipe)

    Chicken Chili (chicken, tomatoes, blk beans, seasoning)

    Tuna salad with celery "scoops" and an apple (BFL recipe)

    Buffalo chicken pita (cooked shredded chicken breast tossed in buffalo sauce celery on side - I ate this a lot in the first half)

    Turkey pita/wrap w/veggies

    Oatmeal w/ almond butter egg whites on side

    Greek yogurt with berries

    Chicken and spinach salad

    I want to try some new menu items while on active rest to I can be sure to tweak the recipes to meet my needs.  I made pumpkin protein muffins for the first time yesterday and they were very good even though I forgot the splenda (not a bad thing anyway).  I also tried protein pudding ... YUMYUM!

    Another thing I made a few times before using lean ground beef is mini meatloafs!!

    I found a recipe for Beef and Broccoli in Muscle Mag that I want to try, but it needs some tweaking first.  So any suggestions??  I prefer to keep my recipes simple (not too many ingredients) and I don't care for fish other than tuna!!


    THanks!!  ;-)

  • I love baked chicken breasts and baked potatoes. There are so many marinades out there on the internet to help spice them up. I wrap them in foil(the Chicken) in a marinade and bake in the oven at 375 degrees for an hour and a half(frozen) with the baked potatoes(also in foil). I take them out of the oven and serve everything with a small garden salad with a light Italian dressing. Delicious!