So confused!

  • Jim,

    You are right about there being endless information and opinions in these forums. You just have to read between the lines to find someone you feel comfortable with strictly from their writing.

    Poppi pronounced Poppy like the flower is what my grandsons call me. I their Grandfather.

    Looks like I could add some fruit to the Myoplex in order to up the carbs and the protein addition I can achieve with cottage cheese. I'll put the tweaks to practice and will follow ya'll on your blog.

    Thanks so very much,

    "Poppi"  Tom

  • I wrote a long post and it disappeared when I tried to post it, bummer now I am out of time.

    In jist...

    Sorry for assuming you were "female". I knew a gal who went by the name Poppi with an "i" so that just stuck in my head.

    Anyway - as a male you'll want to get closer to a 40/40/20 ratio in your calories pro/cho/fat. Male hormones rely on appropriate saturated fat and cholesterol intake so you may want to bring those up a bit unless you have a medical requirement not to.

    Don't get too hung up on the numbers game, just pick it up a little and in the grand scheme I think you'll be fine. You can focus on the result and be stressed or focus on the process and enjoy the journey.

  • Thanks Jim, Poppi