Non-Chocolate Meal Replacement Bars? Do they exist???

  • Okay so I'm allergic to chocolate... I know, sucks to be me.. but aside from that, the only flavor Myoplex makes that doesn't have chocolate in it is Lite Cinnamon Roll Crisp. Don't get me wrong - it's not bad, I'm just getting a little tired of it. Plus it only has 15 grams of protein, which doesn't quite cut it for me. Is anyone out there eating meal replacement bars that are low in fat and high in protein AND have no chocolate in them?



  • There is a Zone protein bar that is Strawberry Yogurty that I love. While not allergic, I do have bad tummy reactions to chocolate. I also saw a Vanilla Yogurt today.

    Do you have any whole foods markets or nutrition stores in your area? They seem to have a wider selection of these kinds of things. I tried to go by GNC today to find the answer to your very question, and they were closed. How rude!!


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  • This isnt an EAS product but when you gotta make do you make do, atkins has meal replacement bars that are grains with some kind of fruit or yogurt drizzle and they are good. Low cal, low fat, and low carb along with having a decent amount of protein.