Cereal & Drinks

  • Well, week 3 is almost complete and I've dropped 13 lbs (AND I FEEL GREAT). There are a few issues I am still trying to figure out. Hoping to get help with 2 items:

    1. Cereal - The list states to eat "high fiber" cereal so I've been eating alot of Raisin Bran, However, I noticed Raisin Bran has more sugars than many of my kids sugary cereals. It's also loaded with Sodium. I then bought Fiber One's Shredded Wheat which is very high in Fiber. However, it too has more sugar than Cocoa Pebbles, Pops, etc...

    Any cereal suggestions?

    2. Drinks - I've been drinking nothing but water and water with lemon. Occasionaly I'll have a small glass of milk in my cereal. It's gonna get old fast. Is there anything else I can drink. I don't like coffee or tea. Is it ok to drink Gatorade before, during or after a workout?

    Any drink suggestions?

    Thanks everyone!

  • Bigchamp: I cant comment on the drinks - I love coffee....but as for cereal, I go with  real oatmeal every day with a scoop of vanilla protein powder. No milk, sugar - just oats and protein. The odd day I will add strawberry protein powder, or a few berries to it.

    Thats my favorite meal actually. ;)

    Sounds like you are rockin your challenge. Way to go! Keep up the fantastic work. Yipee!

  • Here's what I have read on the Gatorade...

    The only time that sports drinks are beneficial is after 1 hour of a strenuous workout. It is only at that time that you need to replenish your electrolytes. Otherwise they are just adding sugar and high calories to your daily intake. Since BFL is not more than 1 hour, not a good option. If you really need something you could put one of the Crystal Light of Propel packets in your water. However, some feel that those are triggers for other sugar cravings.

    Keep the faith!

    Faithful Renee :0)