Beef jerky for protein?

  • Hubby says it is okay, will make me weigh more because of water weight due to sodium but is fine.

    I'm thinking should be avoided but wish he is right.


    --- Kitty


  • To get the right amount of protein you would need 3 sticks of beef jerky

    240ish calores

    21g protein

    6 carb

    1300+mg sodium

    15 g fat


    Keep the faith!

    Faithful Renee :0)

  • Renee, I am gonna have fun with food facts and you as long as you want to!

    Not sure which one you are talking about, ours are a little better except for the sodium. I don't like the sticks and we figured approx. 3 ounces was the size of my palm, soooo... nutrition info is for 1 oz. I multiply times 3...

    #1 would be 240 calories but only 30 from fat, 3g total no saturated or trans. Sodium is worse, 1770g., 9g carb all sugar BUT 45g of protein

    #2 would be 240 calories w/30 from fat, 3g total w/1.5g saturated, 1740g sodium, 12g carb all sugar, 36g protein

    Wow, #2 is the one that claims to be natural!

    #1 is great protein but again with the sodium, which is why I am not sure, but hubby says no big deal I will just retain water.

    --- Kitty


  • I do like Jerky, but as a rule don't eat it regularly. I do, however, find it one of those great things to throw in my purse if I'm going to be somewhere where I need a quick snack. Just be sure you've got plenty of water-the sodium content is high and will tend to make you thirsty.

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