What I eat.

  • Hey Lori. Hows it going? You back on track? Any more donuts for you.:)  My workouts are going good. Do you take any suppliments? Hope your well. Always Noel

  • Noel,

    My life has changed quite a bit since taking in an international student from China. She has alot of medical problems and I am working hard to get her to some great doctor's here in Ma. I am very worried about her. She is 16 yrs. old and only weights 57 pounds!! I nearly fell to the ground when I put her on the scale. She is 4'11". I ran to the store and bought her Ensure drinks and am feeding her constantly. One of her legs is much shorter than the other and it is difficult for her to walk properly and has caused other medical issues as a result. I have grow very attached rather quickly.

    I have been going to the gym at 5:00 (while she is sleeping) but I am very tired. I like Reload by EAS and CLA. Lately I have been taking the 5 hour energy shot to reeve me up in the gym. How is your eating going? My 6-meal a day regiment has waivered a bit.

    I hope you are doing well. Are you a student?



  • Wow Lori !! What a big plate full you have. I have been out of college for a long time. Im not a youngster like you :)  How did you come by getting her from China? What a giving thing you have done. I hope you take care of your needs as well. Eating good, sleep and exercise. You sound like you have yourself spread pretty thin. You dont have as much to go around now. :) I am doing very very well, thank you for asking. Did lower body today, killed it!! I am ramping up more on protein lately. Switched up my lower routine today, I like to keep my body guessing. Legs are getting stronger than I thought they would. Love it.  Take some time for youself Lori. Its easy to fall back into bad habbits. Im pulling for you, let me know how you are. Thanks Sincerly Noel

  • Hey Lori, hope all is well. 10 pounds to date. Yeaaah. Noel

  • That's fantastic!! You have burned 35,000 calories; quite an achievement!!! I had a stellar workout today and feel great. It's addictive... I look forward to your messages. Regards, Lori

  • Love the cartoon :) Thank you. Tomorrow is my cheat day, going to a friends wedding. Should be fun. Would it blow your mind that I have been to three of his weddings? Pretty crazy. I am glad to hear you are back at the gym, GREAT JOB LORI. Always Noel

  • Have fun, Noel,  but remember - this is your FREE day, not a cheat day.

    Want it. Plan it. Do it.

  • You are quite right :)  My free day. I will workout and do upperbody today before I go. I split my Saturdays and sundays up with workouts and free days because of work scheduals. Seems to work. Thanks for the reminder. Noel

  • Hello Lori, Well the wedding was better than I thought it would be. Oh boy did I eat :) Now I got to workout today to help combat those tasty callories. lol. My son hit his head playing with another boy on a corner of a wall right before wedding started. I was able to stop the bleeding, About a half inch cut. Then opened it up again playing. Stoped it again. He is good today, careful. I dont normally workout this late but I will. I like cardio days, running 5k today. How are you today Lori and your student????? Noel

  • Noel, I am so sorry to hear about your son but glad that he seems ok. Keep an eye on him for the next couple of weeks. My daughter once hit her head very badly and started experiencing headaches a month or so later and I did not realize the connection. She is fine now, thank goodness. I'm sure your son will be fine as well. We always worry don't we? How old is your son?

    Glad you enjoyed the wedding and ate well. I love wedding and always make it a point the eat without restrictions. It's a celebration afterall.

    My new student is doing well. I have put her on a weight gain regiment because she is very thin. We have gone to several doctor appts. to combat her health issues. All in all we are settling in, learning about eachothers cultures and having fun. I have grown very attached quickly. She is a doll.

    I just purchased a weighted vest and tried to perform cardio with it. (step) Wow was it hard. After 10 minutes I was exhausted but keep it up. I have been hitting the gym extra hard and find myself loving cardio. I love the push, to see what I am capable of and to improve each week.

    Running 5 miles is fantastic! I'm only a sprinter myself so I typically run short distances. Keep working hard my friend. You are doing fantastic!


  • Hello Lori :) Thank you for asking about my boy. His name is Crimson and he turns 6 on April 18th.  He is the apple of my eye as well. I am doing my very best to raise him as a kind and polite little boy. Sofar so good. I did step ups today as well, love them. And lots of lunges holding weights. Using a weighted vest would be very challenging. Your kicking butt!!  I am happy to hear that both you and your new friend are doing well. Thank you for the notes, they are a breath of fresh air, I find myself looking forward to the next:) I read a letter that you posted about yourself the other day. You are inspiring.  I made the best hamburgers last night, 97% fat free beef, low cal buns. And a touch of low fat cheese with a-1 steak sauce. Take care Lori, Always, Noel

  • Hey Lori, hope you and yours are all well. Noel

  • There something wrong with Member's Mark Chicken Breast, they are huge!!! there's no way a chicken can produce a breast that big, something is wrong with them, don't eat them!!! probably full of growth hormones and that's why you don't lose a pound LOL they are also very cheap...

  • I have a question for someone.  I recently added a grapefruit in the mornings along with my cottage cheese.  It seems to be a Ruby Red grapefruit.  It tastes sweet to me like I am cheating.  Any thoughts?


  • Hey Scott--I'm not an expert on the nutrition side of this, but I often pair 3/4c cottage cheese with a 1/2c-3/4c fruit to get in some carbohydrates along with the protein. Maybe instead of a whole grapefruit, you can eat 1/2 with the cottage cheese or try berries? I don't think that eating a whole one is a detriment as long as you're eating it plain (not adding sugar/sweetener to it)--one large grapefruit is only about 60 calories since it's mostly water. Gotta love the natural sweetness of fruit!