6 meals per day

  • It is 2:45 in the after noon and my 3rd meal of the day is coming up. I had my first a little before 8, my second before noon ( a little late I know), and my third is coming up. Do I continue on and have my 6th meal late at night? I get up about 6 am and start getting my kids off to school. By the time I have everyone off to where they are suppose to be it is almost 8. Sometimes I can squeeze in my breakfast during this time, but most of the time I don't get it until they are all off to school ( love old fashioned Oatmeal!). Should I start with something small like a protein bar or smoothie as my first meal and get it in earlier?

    Moms of school age children, how do you work the first meal into your day?


  • I eat with them...

    Are you making lunches or whatever at that time??

    I have 4 kids (11,9, 7 and 3.5) and this is what I do:

    6:30, I get up, bathroom, brush teeth, get on workout gear.

    6:40 Downstairs and setting out all the kids breakfasts...put on kettle for water for my oats,fill water bottle (1 litre) pour 1/2 c egg white in a container and stick in microwave for 2min 30 sec..

    6:50 get my first son up.

    6:51 the water is boiling so I pour into the prepared dry oats, pb2 and flaxseed. Let sit for about 5+min.

    turn on the keurig and blackberry ( ;) )

    6:55-7:10 take multi etc and try to drink 750 ml of water and make sure my first son is out by 7:05AM

    7:10 Get the other 3 up...

    7:25 EAT!!! and drink rest of water

    7:45AM make sure 2nd son is out the door

    8:00 wash breakfast dishes

    8:25 drive other two to school (girls)

    9:05 parking at the gym!

    There you go. Where there is a will... there is a way...wonder if I missed anything??

  • Yep...that sounds like a familiar crazy morning! LOL