Diet Soda

  • Ok here's something funny I forgot to mention this morning! First I had no pop yesterday (whoo hoo!), and when I went to write that in my journal I wrote no POT...I thought it was pretty funny! No, I don't don't even think it! LOL

    I just got back from picking my children up from school, and now is the time that I usually will have that Diet Pepsi. I really want one, but am staying strong and having water far so good!!

  • Leggs,

    I am no saint.  I still drink diet coke but I am trying desperately to cut back.  Here's why: 1. The biggest problem I find with soda is the carbonation.  It's going to do damage to your joints and to bone growth in general.  2. The second large issue is PH balance which someone else had mentioned.  Soda is basically a chorosive acid.  That means if you eat a PH balanced diet and add soda to the diet, your body will leach nutrilizing minerals from your bones to balance the PH back to neutral.  3. Artificial sweetners have a muted insulin response.  Through genetic evolution the sweet taste on you tongue has caused an automated insulin response before what it thinks is sugar reaches your stomach.  This is what causes people to become hungery, it also stops you from burning fat.  This is not an equivalent response to actual sugar however.  

    As for the comments on Aspartame, I wouldn't be terribly concerned with finding a better fake sugar.  Truvia, Stevia and all this have little enough data on them.  I stick with Aspartame because at least I have the big studies with little enough side effects.  There is a sense by the public that things found in nature are somehow safer, like truvia.  I wouldn't get wrapped up in that, as many poisons are made by nature.  That being said, I want to eventually get all fake sugars out of my diet.

    Where concerns cutting back on soda, try only eating sodas with meals to start off.  (Curb the effects of the insulin response.)  Aside from that just drink less and less.  Where sugar is concerned, try to find foods with good healthy fats and protien.  Using the best or worst sugar is not nearly so important as not using sugar.

    Anyhow, from one sinner to another, that's all I got,


  • Leggs,

    I used to drink one diet soda a day and although I ate well and exercised (a lot) I could not lose weight. I struggled with my weight for two years until I went through a few weeks were I could not drink soda, I decided to leave it behind (once the cravings wore off, they can be as bad as any other kind of semi-addiction). After quitting I dropped 20 pounds in just over three months. People thought I was sick I was dropping the belly fat so quickly.

    I don't know what it is but there is something "not right" about diet sodas and what they do to your body, your metabolism etc.

    Talking about the other sweeteners, we used to use them but they gave my spouse headaches and I didn't like the bloating so we switched to regular sugar in our iced tea. Now that we are working on getting on program, we've cut the tea and now we drink water, G2, black coffee and protein shakes, that's it. It takes some getting used to but I haven't had anything other than those four in some time and I like the way it feels.

    Good luck!


  • For anyone wondering, I Googled and found several articles about diet sodas.  Here's one to check out:

    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!

  • Diet Soda like most things is I think fine in moderation. Before I started my challenge I was drinking 5-6 cans a day. easy. One of my goals was to cut that way back.  I went cold turkey for the first 6 weeks until I felt I had things under control.

    I now have 1 can with dinner and that's it and many days still don't drink any.

  • Jules82: You mentioned having tonic water with lemon. Tonic water is high in calories vs. Club soda which is sugar free. A regular 16 oz bottle has 110 cals, 27 g of sugar and 29 g. Carbohydrates!!!