A Question on Portion Sizes

  • Hi

    I have been doing BFL for two weeks still uncertain on portion sizes.

    I'm 178cm(5.10), 240lbs(110kg).

    I have quite large hands.

    This is roughly the portion sizes I've chosen which are  just under my hand sizes.

    Meat portions are 125grams (4.5oz) = 28grams protein per serve, Carb portions = 30grams of carbs per serve.

    Can someone please give me feed back if this roughly ok.






  • It sounds roughly OK but might help to post a typical daily menu.

    Want it. Plan it. Do it.

  • Hi,

    This is my typical daily menu.


    Whole wheat bread x 2

    Whole eggs x 2

    Egg whites x 3


    Low carb protein shake (30g protein)

    1 cup oat bran cooked

    300ml no fat milk


    125g(4.5oz) chicken ***

    1 cup brown rice cooked

    1 cup green veg


    95g(3.4oz) tuna in spring water

    Banana x 1

    4pm (after training)

    Low carb protein shake (30g protein)

    200ml no fat milk

    Apple x 1


    125g(4.5oz) Lean beef

    150g potato (boiled)

    1 cup green veg

    At least 2.5 litres of water a day


  • Hi, I'm no expert but from your menu above it looks like there are too many carbs in each meal - as 1/2 cup (250ml) milk should be one carb portion, and even milk should be used sparingly as it is not a "slow releasing" carb - and it also has protein. Milk should be reserved for a once a day treat from what I am following - and at maximum should be matched with a portion of protein only. From what I am doing is having a Myoplex shake that has all the nutrients you need for one full meal with the right balance of carbs/protein/fat .... I'm sure other people on this forum will have great advice, but I have been told that too much milk and not counting it correctly as a carb portion may affect the end result... can anyone else shed light on this?

  • Hey Mazjaz,

    Thank you for your feed back.

    I can see what your saying.The milk I've been taking although 0.3g fat, has 14.8g of carbs, 14.5g of which is sugar and 10g of Protein,I'll drop the milk for water.

    Do you think the carbs are to high in the other meals.Bread/Rice/Potato ? Portion sizes are slightly under my closed fist size.

    Thanks again

  • Hi Darliv, good idea to drop the milk and just have water, either with your shakes or just with your meals. I would recommend a balanced shake so you are getting all you need in one meal (rather than just a protein shake and then having to add a carb). I use Myoplex Lite (as the original has way to many calories as I want to lose fat and be long and lean - not bulk up) plus I have another shake which is low carb which is what I use as my 6th meal before going to bed - but add about a tbs of raspeberries (these are my carbs). I also always have a myoplex shake within 30 minutes of my weights days, then my breakfast two hours after that (3 egg whites, 1/2 a yolk) with vegies and a small tsp of salsa with wholewheat bread. Never forget your good slow releasing carbs after a weight training session as your body needs them to build lean muscle. I would perhaps even cut down on one of the yolks in your egg breakfast - as even though they have lots of nutrients they are also high in fat. One yolk and 4 egg whites is plenty of protein for one meal. The best idea is to constantly re-evaluate each week or two as to how you are feeling, from the feedback I have received it does take a good 3-4 weeks to get everything "nutted" out and a handle of the amount of food that is fulfilling. Plus I also drink two glasses of water at least 20 minutes before a meal just to take the edge off.  Some other people on here may have some more advice, but this is just what I have found is working for me.... but hey, I haven't completed the challenge yet!!! Also I would suggest reading theBFL book again as everything you need to know is in those pages. At the end of the day you will get the best results by eating cleanly, watching portion sizes, only eating the food specified at the specified times (no nibbling or "tasting" as these calories add up at the end of the week) and always hit your "10's". Good luck!!!