The Peanut Butter Debate - HELP!

  • Thanks, Leg's.

    Puts the whole peanut oil thing in perspective for me.

    Balance and moderation is the key.

    Just like anything else, some can, and some shouldn't.

    There are those of us losing weight every week, so our progress is easy to monitor for adjustments.

    But, there are some who won't lose much weight until 6th or 8th week, so, no way to monitor progress for experimenting with foods that work, or don't work. So, risk factor involved.

    My guess is, if some one wants to lose 30 pounds or more, probably need to be very strict for optimum results.

    "What you put in, is what you are going to get back."

    - Terry

  • I say avoid it all together and if you MUST have it save it for your free day.  All in all it is a choice to be made by You and only you.  I do believe in moderation of your favorite foods as well but I use my freedays for those foods.  I try and stay as close to the original Body for life book as possible.