Please share your best overcoming a bad food temptation stories

  • This topic definitely gets my emotions going.  When I started the challenge, I told a few folks so they would have an understanding of what I was trying to accomplish.  I read many cases on forums of spouses, partners or other family and friends disrespecting folks who are trying to make a change in their lives.  When someone tries to tempt me, I remind them of my efforts and if they continue I ask them what is going on for them that they want to see me fail.  I put the ball in their court and ask them why the disrespect?  Many people don't have healthy relationships with food and exercise themselves and to feel better about themselves and their weakness they will try to corrupt others.  Also some folks feel that if YOU are trying to get healthier it is somehow indicative that you are judging them.

    Remember this challenge is about you and your health.  Everyday we have to make decisions that impact our feelings and our bodies.  We are doing something remarkable and deserve to have folks around us who respect our wishes.  




  • EmAlvers -

    What an inspiring story!  Our husbands really want to make us happy and probably didn't think about the extra strain he would be putting on you.  He probably saw you working so hard...and having made it half-way, thought you deserved a reward.  Congrats to you for being so strong, but still allowing yourself to have a great time.  Food is the way we celebrate, grieve and ease our's amazing that you remained strong in Sin City!

    I hope your husband has an extra special surprise for you when you complete this challenge!  You definitely deserve it!


  • I know what you mean James! I completely agree. It's really hard when you have an unsupportive "support network." I would love it if my husband would be the type to look at me and say, "is that a healthy choice for you?" I have only one thing going for me now... I'm in charge of the groceries... he can keep his bad food in the car!

    My husband has a junk food mentality, and he's naturally thin, so it's easy for him to dismiss food. However, I like to remind him that he may not always see his fat on the outside, but it's all still there clogging up his heart and killing him silently.


    Six years ago I was stranded on Thanksgiving in a sea of food and everyone said, "Try this! Eat that! You've been doing really well so this shouldn't hurt..." at first I was all polite no thank you's and maybe it'll keep til sunday. No one seemed to get it. Finally I made it through by staring them down and saying "I'm building my Body for Life." It got them to stop at least :)


  • EmAlvers-BFL Champ,
     All i can say is wow. As i began to read your story and when i got to Vegas i was thinking "oh no" Vegas buffet city.
    buffet are always bad for me because for some reason i feel that i have to get my moneys worth and i over eat. I hope that if i am ever in that situation. I can over come it and hearing your story might just allow me to do so.
    I thank you for sharing your wonderful story with the community.
  • JamesK,

     I have to think that not too long ago i was the "people". The negative nelly and i most definitaverly did not have a health relationship with food. Most people will not ever pick up a body for life book. You are the ambassodor of body for life. Your change will hopefully motivate someone around you to make a change in themselves

  •'s called "job security" for the gym (unfortunately for you!) Hang in there and great job resisting!

  • Thanks Ginger! He had actually already purchased the trip prior to my ever starting BFL, so what could I do right?;)  I thought for sure that trip to Vegas would blow my challenge, and the fact that I ended up winning as Grand Champion just shows that it's all about progress. No one is perfect all the time, but if we make good choices 90% of the time, then it pays off.That experience has helped me so much with all of the traveling I do now, because I know how to plan and stay on the plan no matter what. I can manage easily in any situation now, which is wonderful!

     We most definitely celebrated the day after I finished my challenge with a day trip to Napa Valley. I will never foget how great I felt that day. Amazing how much 12 weeks can change someone's life forever! 

    "If you want something you've never had, you must do things you've never done!"

  • figawu- I know what you mean about wanting your $ worth. Growing up really poor as a young child and then having a military step-dad later....I didn't waste a thing! Still don't. But I really had to change my way of thinking in regards to eating. I had to re-arrange the way I think to focus on quality and not quantity. Now, I have no problem ordering a smaller meal for more $ if it's better quality, because it's more satisfying in the end and I don't end up feeling guilty. I still do enjoy some Fresh Choice buffet, but I realize now that I'm not living in prehistoric ages where it's necessary to consume as much as possible for a long winter or something.  The food will still be there the next time I go. I have control over what I choose to put in my mouth, how I choose to feel after doing so. I know each of those little choices I make ultimately affects how my day goes. In times of temptations, I just ask myself, "Will doing this get me closer to my goal?" If the answer is no, then I don't do it.

    You absolutely can overhaul your thinking in those situations. If I can do it, anyone can.

    "If you want something you've never had, you must do things you've never done!"

  • EmAlvers,

     Are you my lost long sister. I was brought up the same way "you know kids in Africa would love to have what you are having". You know what i did this weekend on my free day. Something that i have never done and it actually felt good. In the past when i go to restaurants i am the garbage disposal. Any food left will ultimately end up on my plate. Am the family "Mikey" Give it to "Mikey he'll eat anything" but this weekend. My 84th day on BFL, the day it was all over, the day i can hangup my running shoes and take a break. I left half of my free day food on my plate that i paid for. I guess i since it is spring i don't need that much for my long winter any more (misquoting you lol)

    Oh please click here and read my warning

  • He He.... that's funny, and GREAT that you now have the control. Sounds like you really had a lightbulb moment as well. I love it! Just keep it up and it won't even be something you think about will just be the way you live all the time. People always ask me if I still do BFL? I say, "I guess so, it's just my life." I don't make week long meal plans anymore, but I do mentally plan free meals and free days according to my social calender. Other than's just life for me now, and I've never been happier. I do still follow BFL eating to a tee outside of any free meals by the way, and it definitely works to keep it off if you keep doing it.

    Glad you had experienced the same epiphany I had two years ago. Focus on that feeling and the progress you'll keep continuing to make in breaking those mental habits. Congrats on being in control! woo hoo! :)

    "If you want something you've never had, you must do things you've never done!"