Please share your best overcoming a bad food temptation stories

  • I don't even know what to name this post. I just like to start a post where you can tell us perhaps a situation you were in where you thought you were going to cave in to the temptation but ended up over coming it. 

  • I have a story.  It was Easter.  I went to my father's for Easter dinner.  I was concerned all week about going since I had only been on BFL for 8 days.  There was macaroni and cheese, rolls, ham, cooked carrots, salad, potato salad and homemade coconut cake.  It all looked super delicious.  I ended up eating a salad, ham and carrots.  My stepmother kept on me about trying the homemade cake.  I said no but she kept on.  I finally took a bite and immediately I felt bad.  I went and spit it out, discretely.  It was in my mouth but it never got to my stomach.  Yeah!  Upon leaving I was also given a huge homemade peanut butter egg.  That is sitting in my refrigerator and I have not touched it.  My fiance' is making quite the dent in it though.

    It feels great to have some control!

  • pjh,

    That is awesome way to go. You resisted temptation and only on 8 days off body for life. You are off to a great start. It is funny when family members want you to eat the old way.

  • My husband took me out to eat at my favorite restaurant (Sweet tomatoes). I was horrified he would take me there, knowing I'm on the diet. Luckily they have whole grain pasta! Instead of going nuts on the breadsticks, chocolate muffins, chocolate chip cookies and frozen yogurt ice cream sunday with the works, I ate a small salad with vinager and oil dressing, cottage cheese, and a small portion of whole wheat pasta with sun dried tomatoes. It was really hard to trade in the strawberry lemonaide and coffee with cream for a tall glass of water.

    This was HARD for me.

    Stacy Lynn

  • Stacy,

    Does your husband want a punch in the nose? :-) lol. Doesn't he know he needs to take you there on Sunday. So that you can reward your hard work with a little bit of chocolate muffins.

    Way to stay the course. Keep your eye on the prize.

  • LOL. In his mind Sweet Tomatoes is a healthy place to eat (and it is!!) but he failed to remember my portion sizes and the strict limits. He was baffled when we went to the buffet area and I went straight to the cottage cheese and pasta and was finished. Not worth the $12 we spent. Showed him a lesson!

    Stacy Lynn

  • Congrats on making the good choices...I don't know if I could have been as strong!  I LOVE Sweet Tomatoes (is it a national chain?  I have only seen it in Florida) and wouldn't let my husband take me there on a regular day.


    I am only in my first week (today was my third cardio day) I am looking forward to my seventh day (tomorrow!).  Keep up the good work, hopefully I can be as determined as far so good!





  • Ginger-

    I think it gets easier the longer you do it. I know 2 weeks ago I wouldn't have been able to say no and would have left the restaurant on a wheel barrow.  :)

    Stacy Lynn

  • Figawu-- Whats YOUR story?!!?

    Stacy Lynn

  • Stacy,

     This is a crazy one that most ppl will not believe. My gym buys pizza for everyone at the gym once a month. I forgot that it was pizza time at the gym. I started my normal workout routine and then the pizza came nice and hot.  The pizza smelled so good. I had to use every bit of will power I had not to fall into that temptation.

    I told my wife that the next time they have pizza day, I am going to eat some and by some I mean a box and I will not feel guilty. I have earned it. Well guess what! yesterday was pizza day and once again I forgot all about it. I walked into the gym and notice oh they have pizza and my wife said are you going to eat some. Mind you I finished my challenge on Sunday. Yesterday was my 85th day and I would be in my rights to eat it but I decided not to. I was not tempted at all. I was really proud of myself and that is when I thought that the bfl family must have a great story such as this.

  • Your Gym buys pizza for the gym members?!? Are they Nuts? Thats like sticking a Weight Watchers next to Krispy Kreams!  Whats wrong with them?!?

    Good for you, though! It's awesome you could say no and walk away!

    Stacy Lynn

  • I guess it is suppose to be like a reward system or it could be how they keep you coming back for more. You eat the pizza get fat and you have to use the gym.

  • I experienced this last week in our cafeteria.

    It was meal 3 time, I was really hungry and I had three lines to choose from or the salad bar.

    Choice 1 Black refried bean burrito, with chicken & cheese, plus rice on the side.

    Choice 2 Southern style bar with Roast, Creamed Potatoes and cabbage. All glistening with the perfect amount of southern goo that makes every thing taste divine.

    Choice 3 1/4# chili-dogs and fries.

    I stood there in the line with #1 thinking "oh I really want that, it smells so good" and as I watched the guy put it in the container I suddenly realized as he laddeled the melted cheese over the top and handed it to the lady in front of me that there was probably more than a days worth of calories in that single plate.

    I turned and walked away. Went to the same old boring salad bar and got the same old boring salad and topped it with grilled chicken.

    As I was making my salad, one of the guys said to me "oh but that's not going to be nearly as good as the burrito". I said "I'm sure it's not, but I will feel so much better in an hour since I didn't eat the burrito".

    It's not easy for a beginner or for a champion.

    But I will say that it's doable if you want to do it.

    Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right ~ Henry Ford

    Michelle Simpson ~2009 Body-for-LIFE Champion 46+ Catagory

  • Michelle,

    Great story it is nice to know that champions are not super humans that never struggle or mess up. I am sure his stomach did not thank him a few hours after that burrito and he was probably wishing he had the salad, as heart burn and all kinds of things set in.

  • I had to think long and hard about this one, because the fact is that there are always temptations. One pretty tough one sticks out though....

    Halfway through my BFL Challenge, my husband surprised me with a trip to Las Vegas for my bday with a big group of friends who flew in from various places to celebrate. Las Vegas?! Are you kidding me?! I was pretty overwhelmed with the thought of traveling to the land of temptations at week 6 of my challenge to say the least. I had done BFL perfectly up until that point. I was determined not to blow it. I planned ahead like crazy and packed my own protein bars, refillable water bottle. I even went online to browse different restaurant options and room service at my hotel.  I knew I'd probably have some choice in the places we went, so I wanted the upper hand on making the best choices possible and not being stressed out about it. 

    Well turns out, the protein bars came in handy as everyone else ordered massive margariitas by the poolside. Even though it was hotter than July out there, I never caved to an icy frozen drink in the pool as much as I would have like at the moment. What I noticed though, was that after we'd come in each evening and shower to go out for dinner, I felt pretty darn good about not drinking margaritas all day. I was refreshed and ready to start the night  It was empowering to know that I'd stuck to my plan all day long. Same thing with our breakfast and lunch, which was typically at the hotel buffet. Right upon entering those massive Vegas buffets you are hit with all kinds of yummy smells and all of the stuff you don't make or have in your house. I've got to admit. It was really tempting to load up on goodies, and I wasn't accountable to anyone but myself, so I could have. However, I would just go straight to the omeleete bar and wait in the really long line just so I could order my egg white omelette with veggies the way I wanted it.  Once I had that omelette, I felt completely satisfied and didn't want any of the other stuff. Same thing with lunch. I got into this "do not pass go, do not collect $200, go straight to the salad bar" mentality. Of course I had to look at people's plates, but I tried not to even look at all of th eofferings in there. Yet again, I felt empowered when leaving there and knew I had made good choices, despite having unlimited access to anything I wanted. It's so true that when you make the right choices in those tough situations it makes you stronger.

    I wasn't perfect the whole time by any means. I drank champagne in the evenings a few nights while there and had probably 2 or 3 dinners that weren't as clean as the rest of my days, but I didn't beat myself up over it. This trip was such a blessing in disguise, because it taught me so much about myself. It taught me that food no longer controlled me. I was the one in control. I had the power to overcome those temptations. That it's about progress, not perfection. It taught me that making good choices in difficult circumstances makes you so much stronger and that it actually starts becoming fun to make those tough decisions. It's so empowering! Most of all, I learned that I had finally found the balance that I never had before. It took me 30 years to find it, but I felt I finally had!  I knew then that I could keep this up for life......truly a lightbulb moment in my life.  Had my husband never bought me that trip to Vegas, I might have never really known what I was like to break free from so many years of living in an all or nothing mentality.

    "If you want something you've never had, you must do things you've never done!"