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  • .Hey all I was wondering. I have a friend that is doing BFL with me and he does tree work and its a very physical job. He is a big guy about 6'3" weighs about 235lbs he is pretty trim but trying to lean out and build more muscle. Question is, sometimes just doing portion sizes he is very hungry in two hours. Should he up his intake abit ?

    His typical day is wake up 5am and work out, 7am 5 egg whites and an apple, 9am yogurt and cottage cheese, 12pm Lean ham or turkey sandwich he adds a little extra meat because he is usually really hungry for this meal, 2pm Myoplex ready made shake 25g protein 23g carb. 5pm dinner , 8pm cottage cheese and yogurt or a protein smoothie.

    Any help would be great



  • cd21-he is probably burning it off faster doing the heavy "lumberjack" work!

    A general rule of thumb is to consume 1g of protein per # of body wt.(this might be per lean body wt , but I'm going with the 1 cause I saw it on here once).

    Anyways if he is 235# he should be consuming roughly 35g of protein per meal.

    The 5 egg whites only has 17.5g! No wonder he's starving!  

    Tell him to start watching/reading labels to get a better feel on how much protein he is consuming.  Hope this helps! :)

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  • cd21,

    I am wondering if you know what times is he hungry at? Is all day? I would switch my cottage cheese meal in the morning and just leave it for night time. 9am cottage cheese and a yogurt are two things that are good for night because they are not heavy on your stomach but during the day, if you are a lumberjack that will get used in 30 minutes or so.

    Questions that might help?

    How many ounces of cottage cheese does he take?

    How many ounces or # of turkey does he take for his 12pm meal?

    He should probably pack some celery for when he is really hungry?

  • I recommend that if he's hungry in two hours he increase his portion size to get him back to the three hour mark.  Also keep in mind that different types of carbs have better "staying power".  In example brown rice and sweet potato will stay with him longer than say fruit.  

    He's also a big guy and from your stats below, he's not eating guy portions.   I agree with the 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight divided by six.  Get his meal portions up for now.  If he's still at the two hour mark then you'll want to increase the protein portion just a little more.  

    If he doesn't get his food intake up, he's likely to slow down in losses.  When the body doesn't get enough food it holds on to excess fat, then he's got a double whammy, always hungry and no losses.

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  • Thx everyone for the info.